From a Mayan Perspective
by Avani

A New Vision of the Feminine when we tune in with the Goddess within.

Clarity of seeing, speaking, once we have been listening, from the still point within, to the voice of the Holy Spirit, the dove of peace.

The Royal Feminine that, through the higher functions of the mind and telepathy, connects to the Noosphere.

The possibility to become “Homo Noosphericus” through the female energy.

The Magic of the Feminine, of female creativity and its mystery

The joy of the heart when we become one with the heart of the Earth, the heart of the atom.

The sweetness of being still and at peace with what is as it is.

Lucy in the sky.

In relation to the Mayan Codes, B111, Archangel Daniel, relates to the Blue Resonant Monkey, kin 111, in the wavespell of the Magnetic Serpent, kin 105. Daniel, inspired by Azreal, that is in tune with the Goddess within, the first cell of love, and in resonance with Maldek, channelling its life force and love. The bitterness in relation to the coral of B105 can become the sweetness of a new clarity and awareness of the Female Energy and its Wisdom of Love and that can bring peace to the destruction of the planet.

Kin 111 is a portal day and from a numerology point of view, 11 is a portal for 1, the Monkey, Magic, as the gate to the Dragon, the female aspect of the divine that creates. The healing that comes from the playfulness of the monkey, the playfulness of an inspired feminine that takes responsibility for what she creates with her mind in connection with the mind of the Earth. With the awareness that everything is an illusion we can bring healing to the game we have been playing so far and awaken from the dream. Lucid dreaming is the strength of this new female energy that is part of the passage from the biosphere to the noosphere that happened on July 26 2013 and is also the connection to the Essene Legacy.

In the Noosphere we can find the codes of time and of life, and whatever we put in the Noosphere through the mind has an effect on matter. This is the reason why this new bottle is also so related to the physical aspect of life. The 14th of December, its day of birth, was a Red Rhythmic Serpent, kin 45, in the Sun Wavespell of Universal Fire. Breath of Love as the only way to survive and balance our life force. The royal blue in Daniel shows that the serpent has integrated the vision of the Eagle and its challenge has become its gift.

From the galactic vantage point, there is the drama in Heaven, then a drama on Earth, and finally a Resurrection, the ultimate return to the eternal. 13 Moon Almanac

Blue Resonant Monkey, kin 111, is connected to B111 Archangel Daniel.

The resonant tone of the kin, that relates to bottle 7, the Garden of Gethsemane indicates that Daniel tests our faith on the new vision of the feminine and on how we can be inspired by the strength of the Essene Lineage.

Daniel is guided by the night, the abundance of the heart, bottle 3, of our dreams, by the energy of the Empress, the love of the Earth.

The challenge is the dragon, how to heal, bottle 1, through nurturing the creative force of the divine feminine, using all the resources contained in the deep magenta, all the tools of the Magician .

The occult power is the Dog, that represents our unconditional heart and loyalty and with bottle 10, go hug a tree, the Wheel of Fortune in the Tarot, how we can be tested by our collective karma deep within.

The support is the Star and with bottle 8, the lightness of a beautiful and elegant heart that looks for Justice and that will make us go through the threshold with Anubis.

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