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January 2016
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We would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our community a very happy and fulfilling New Year.

Every Equilibrium bottle is a chalice of light and when you respond to the one that calls to you the most it is also a key to open the door to the true aura. The number on each bottle relates to one of the three stars:  9 star, 11 star and 10 star.  The three stars directly relate to the three aspects of our being: 9 star, the thinking brain, blue bowl. 11 star, the feeling brain, yellow bowl. 10 star, instinctual brain/red bowl. Each of the 115 Equilibrium colour combinations will relate either to the mental aspect, the emotional aspect or the instinctual aspect. You may like to keep this in mind whilst we explore the energies of 2016.

Exploring the universal languages of colour and number  can help us to understand ourselves through their resonance. The energies of each specific year can be explored in a number of different ways. In the case of 2016, one way would be to look at the associated bottles and their colour relationships eg: B20, Blue/Pink, the Star Child Rescue and B16, Violet/Violet, the Violet Robe. The intimate connection between these two bottles is immediately seen with both having that violet energy of transformation in common. Both relate to the crown chakra, the violet energy centre where Vicky attributed B20.

B20 B16
B20 and B98

B16 and B94
B20 and B16 are outward journey bottles, indicating an outreach towards the light of understanding. That outreach may be towards the light above us or being with the light within us (the star), both of which are an innate part of our being.  Both of the return journey bottles are part of the Archangel sequence. B98, Archangel Sandalphon relating to B20, and B94, Archangel Michael relating to B16. This can help us to understand what the transformative process for this year may be about: the potential for a complete change of being (metanoia) which brings the possibility of light to the heart (94).  That process is reflected in the 94, Pale Blue/Pale Yellow with light into the blue bowl, light into the yellow bowl. Those two colours come together as pale green, light into the heart, which we understand as the Way, the Truth and the Life/Light. The journey into the heart is a journey that also takes us into our being, our true nature or soul essence. The 16/94 relate to the 10 Star whose theme is karma and dharma and light into the heart. The 10 star relates to the red bowl located in the pelvic region and relating to the being aspect of ourselves.

The 98 shows the transmutational process (pale violet) that underlies this millennium in relation to the new consciousness (pale coral) of non-judgmental awareness. There is no doubt that humanity as a whole is undergoing a deep transformational process whereby change is the only constant. If we can come to that place of non-judgmental awareness with ourselves, then perhaps we can be less judgmental and more accepting and inclusive towards others.  The 20/98 relate to the 11 star whose theme is the development of the light body and the journey to the Star. The 11 star relates to yellow bowl located underneath the diaphragm and relating to the feeling aspect of ourselves. 

The 20 added to the 16, brings us to the 36, Violet over Pink which also confirms this transformational possibility. The pink is the crucial energy here, also reflected from the 20 and hidden within the 98. ‘Caring, warmth and kindness towards ourselves extended into the world - the highest principles in relation to Unconditional Love in the Service of Others’. For that to be possible we have to recognise that unconditional love within ourselves. The transformation comes as we ‘serve’ ourselves by offering that love to ourselves. In that process the personality can come into alignment with the soul purpose by being of service to the soul. At that point our identity shifts from the personal ‘I’ to the greater collective perspective and our purpose unfolds in the context of how we can be of service to humanity and the earth. B20 B16 B36
B36 B3 B6

We can also look at the 36 in the context of the 3 with the 6. Vicky referred to the 6 as a new energy for life so in this context we could say that new energy would be in relation to the heart (3). The aspiration and intention to bring into being the keynote of the 36 and all it implies with ‘unconditional love in the service of others’, would surely lead to a new energy for life in relation to the heart.

You may wish to continue adding the digits for further insights: 20 + 7 to come to 27 and 2 + 16 to come to 18, or look at each of the individual bottles: 2, 0, 1, 6 all of which give significant glimpses into the energies of this year. Adding all of the digits together brings us to the 9; the Heart Within the Heart, the Crystal Cave, the Transcendental Heart.

The 9 is the first bottle in the 9 star, whose theme is Meditation and Initiation. In the 9 something in the life experience has turned the energy inward to seek the answers from the inside rather than from any external source. This is confirmed in the image of the Tarot card of the 9 which relates to The Hermit. The image shows that even though the Hermit is holding the lamp in front of him, he has his eyes closed and is being guided by the inner light. The implications of this are that light comes into the being through the process of initiation, part of the journey of individuation. This is confirmed by the staff that he is holding, which shows the illumination of the 7 energy centres.  The awakened snake symbolises the rising kundalini. Perhaps this aspect of the 9 holds an important message for us all as we journey together through this year of completion, to remind us to continually seek the answers within as we remember the inheritance from Vicky, ‘the greater guide is within’.

B9 and Hermit tarot card

Featured Academy courses 2016 

Essentials Presenters and Instructors Sequence

16th June — 20th June 2016

Presented by Shaun Sargent

Byron Bay, Australia

Further to the success of Mike’s course in Europe this is a truly wonderful opportunity to take part in this new sequence within the system. The course is offered over 5 days, 3 days Presenters and 2 days Instructors, during which participants are invited to explore the Aura-Soma vibrational energies of colour and light when accompanied by inspirational music which has been specifically attuned to the Aura-Soma Equilibrium by David Bailey. This exciting and almost synesthetic exploration is unique within the system as it brings together the vibrational resonances of colour, light and sound.

Please contact:  for further details or to reserve your place.

Essentials Presenters and Instructors Sequence

What’s New

The Essential Colours of Aura-Soma CD (Music for enhanced understanding by David Bailey)
This double CD set with booklet insert in English, Japanese and German is now available to purchase from your local distributor. The inspirational music of David Bailey is specifically attuned to the Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottles. The booklet includes excerpts of David’s inspired journey and an introduction from Mike: I am grateful to be able to share with you that David is now inspired by the Equilibrium bottles and working with us and the Aura-Soma system. Literally he has been able to bring the acoustic vibration and energy of the rays of colour from the source of light.
Dev Aura recipe of the month

Batata Vada

This month’s recipe is Batata Vada, Indian Spice Potato Balls. These are very popular with the students in Dev Aura as they are an accompaniment to the Indian themed buffet meal served at supper. They are delicious served with a mint and cumin seed yoghurt dip. 

You can find full instructions and images: here.


We leave you this month with a few words from Mike about B114, the Archangel Raguel who is still in the process of integrating the fullness of its energy into the Aura-Soma system.

This bottle is particularly focussed on our relationships and relationships in the time line. The mid tone coral is active in helping us to find out where we have projected and where we hold fears in relation to past experiences as things are being cleared.  It is part of Raguel’s work as a ‘friend of God’ and how that stimulates our friendships or relationships in the world. The healing of the time line is also very much a part of this mid tone coral/deep magenta combination. B114 - Archangel Raguel

In Love and Light

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