The Extended Grid

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This is complex. It is necessary to work at it with the Aura-Soma Equilibrium Bottles in order to get a true feel for what it is getting at.

"The Grid" cited here is an extrapolation of work as published by Papus (Dr. Grard Encausse 1865-1916) following a traditional view-method traceable to medival times.

The underlying concept is that "there is only 1, 2, and 3" and everything else is just a function of there three great principles. The first stage of the extrapolation is to bring the zero into the arena - inspired by Lau Tsu (604-515BC opinions vary) saying in the Tao Te Ching "The Way (absolute) begets one, one begets two, two begets three, three begets the myriad creatures (everything else)."

In the introductory article in this series (see archive) we looked at the grid relationships from zero to nine - seeing that 4-5-6 and 7-8-9 were each the principles of 1-2-3 expressed in a different environment and form. Now we look at how we can use the concept of a grid to go beyond nine.

The next stage of extrapolation is to see where the immediate environment gives us an entire workable unit. The Kabbalah and the Taro each draw us towards 22. The Taro indicates that 22 is a return to (or mirror of) the zero. The Kabbalah puts 10-11-12 into a special category - as did Eliphas Levi (Alphonse Louis Constant 1810-1875). And we can see from the traditional meanings of the numbers that 13 to 21 is a higher echo of 1 to 9. So we get a first entire workable unit which looks like this:

We should see the 10-11-12 as the peak of a hill. 0 to 9 is the outgoing journey, and 13 to 22 has an aspect of being a return.

Now what is the third stage in our extrapolation? What is the repeating cycle which will take us to any number? The guidance comes from the relationship between the Four Worlds as seen in the building and visualisation of Jacobs Ladder in the Kabbalah. So we repeat the 0-to-22 structure indefinitely, but each section overlaps its predecessor. [See diagrams below.]

In the Jacobs Ladder structure of a whole Tree of Life seen in each of the Four Worlds, we find that the Crown in the physical world is the same condition-of-existence as Beauty in the emotional world, and both are the same condition-of-existence as the Kingdom in the mental world - from the fact that these three superimpose on each other when the final Ladder is assembled.

Likewise here, we see that the repeat of 22 at the base of the second structure will superimpose on all of 10-11-12, that 23-to-31 will superimpose on 13-to-21, and that the 22 at the top of the first structure will superimpose on all of 32-33-34. Remember that the two diagrammatic positions of 22 are in fact the same entity. The 22 must appear twice in the visible symbol to show it operates in relation too both sections of the diagram, but it is only one energy in reality.

These 22-unit sections are in reality superimposed upon each other. They are shown separated here for the sake of visual clarity. Each section is of a different level-dimension. Each numeric unit expresses within its own level-dimension, but is a statement of the same condition-of existence as the number(s) with which it would coincide if all the sections were superimposed laterally in the same way as we superimpose the Tree diagrams in the Four Worlds in order to see the completed Jacobs Ladder.

If we took the numbers sequentially - as in last months article on their names - we would see the stepping-stones of the journey they offer. In the previous article on sequences (see archive) we found interrelationships between numbers which were members of any one sequence, and interrelationship between numbers at the same position in different sequences. Now the Grid gives us a single structure of relationship between all numbers.

The relationship is woven, rather than linear, as the Grid laps back on itself.

We began with the concept that there is only one, two, and three as the fundamental principles. All other numbers being different manifestations of those three principles. So we now look at each level of the Grid to see the environment in which those principles manifest in their progressively evolving forms.

Levels on the Grid

Root  Un-manifest absolute

  1. Fundamental Principles
  2. Enabling the Human
  3. Evolved Expressions
  4. Purity, peak of intensity, essence
  5. Understanding the negative
  6. Understanding the infinite
  7. Understanding Master-Service, and perhaps the last manifestation of 123 in this universe

  8. Step up at the end and beginning

  9. New realm, perhaps a new universe
  10. Divinity in all and all in divinity
  11. Vision of reality
  12. Foundation of reality
  13. Vision of Truth
  14. Vision of permanence
  15. Anchorage of the real structure

  16. Transition to being the structure

Relationships and Concept-Patterns shown by the Grid

Within the Blocks

The 1-9 block is of our outer world.
The 13-21 block is the equivalent to, and the mirror of, the 1-9 block at a higher level, and it is the inner version of 1-9s outer world.
The 23-31 block is in a new realm, and it asks why?
The 35-43 block is the appearance of reality.

Now we make a comparison between numbers which appear in equivalent positions within the Grid.

Prime numbers here are counted including 1 as a prime as is usual in numerology but not mathematics.

Use the Aura-Soma Equilibrium Bottles, laid our in the Grid pattern, to examine the deeper more subtle relationships in the equivalence groups cited here.

..1    independence, the unchanging, the seed containing all of what may become, pure existence, pressure of energy, father of all.
..13    takes the role of the 1 in the 13-21 block, it is the elevator to this higher level, its name is change (compare with the unchanging 1), reduces to the 4 which is the human-level manifestation of the 1. This reduction may suggest what is to be changed, 4 is stability and enables structure in what will become a 4-dimentional world. The 13 is the 7th prime, and the 7th Fibonacci number. Change is how independence can express itself in maturity.
..23    takes the role of the 1 and the 13. Its name is The Royal Star of the Lion suggesting what was handed to us from Atlantis in the Age of Leo, it is personified by a majestic higher-human, beginning at a higher level, in a new realm. The 23 is the 10th prime.
..35    as 5x7, five gateways to the 7 chakras, (7 is the evolved-level manifestation of the 1), spirituality transcending 5 worlds, the 5th tetrahedral number, the completed five-dimensionally-aware being steps into the realm of the sixth dimension.
This equivalence continues: 45, 57, 67, 79, 89, 101. etc. and we should use the techniques explained in the article on higher numbers (see archive) to examine them.

Each of those numbers stamps its authority in making a new beginning. Their functional theme has an unexpected seven-ness (started by the 1 being the principle which will manifest as 7 in its evolved form) showing that they are the instigators of the overall triumph of spirit over matter.

..2    receptiveness, the movement exploring imbalance to find balance, and to develop the wisdom to see the polarities and dualities for what they are.
..14    balance in meeting, distinction of the yin and yang (or conscious/sub-conscious) aspects of our chakras, 3rd pyramid number, 14 cards in each suit of the minor arcana. In 14 (2x7) wisdom is expressed in all seven chakras.
..24    the leaders of the tribes, the male and female archetypes of the twelve astrological types, is 4 factorial (ie 4x3x2x1).
..36    the 8th triangular number, secret key to the 8 which is the cube of 2 and the Greeks said that a number reached its perfection in its cube, also the 6th square so six-ness (love & macrocosm) in the sixth dimension. Any number can be expressed as the sum of four squares (often in several different ways) and the most evocative for the 36 is 3+3+3+3.
The theme here is seeking balance, and the equivalence continues: 46, 58, 68, 80, 90, 102... etc.

..3    creativity, function of the first great union.
..15    discernment, to create progress-helpful or progress-hindering (distracting), secret key to the 5 (ie 5th triangular number). Discernment of what should be created when creativity (3) has communication (5).
..25    innermost, not just outer and inner, there is another deep inside, 5th square.
..37    the 13th prime, function of 111 (and the final form of the original 3 was 1+1+1 rather than 1+2), creation is a form of change, inner independence to make creative changes of the right type, the secret key to the 37 is the sum of the secret keys of 25 and 27 (37^ = 25^+27^), and 37 a mirror reflection of 73 which is the 22nd prime.
With a theme of freely choosing where to look and what to do, the equivalence continues: 47, 59, 69, 81, 91, 103... etc.

..4    stability, 4 worlds, 4 elements, enabling 4 dimensions and structured matter.
..16    the structure which is not the real structure, now we are shown that our view so far of the structure of the universe is not the correct picture, the 16 is the 4th square number. Intense stability (4x4) shows the brittleness of its illusion.
..26    the Changer who is changed by the changes, the whole universe and every tiny part of it and every being is a manifestation of its Creator, the universe was created because the creative entity wanted to experience itself. Any truths we discover will change us, and this is why.
..38    is twice 19 (which is the 9th prime) speaking of mirrored enlightenment expressed in yang and yin, glimpse of ones inner 9, The secret key to the 38 is the sum of the secret keys to 23 and 30 (38^ = 23^+30^), the 8-ness within us (awareness of Law - inherited from the 4 and the 16 above) comes into harmony with the way 3-ness (creative union) is expressed in the universe.
With a theme of where the concept of structure should be going, the equivalence continues: 48, 60, 70, 82, 92, 104... etc.

..5    communication, gateways of the 5 senses by which we receive information from the external world, also the number of the microcosm.
..17    named the Star (of Hope), from which we receive communication from inside ourselves or from our higher-selves, the 8th prime, mirror reflection of the 71 which is the 21st prime. Now we communicate with the star instead of the clutter of everything else.
..27    its name is the Sceptre, the badge of authority carried when pronouncing judgements or passing laws, so only at this stage are we in a position to make correct judgements about what to communicate outwards, the 3rd cube.
..39    is 3 x 13, change in the three enduring (non-physical) worlds, our awareness of mystery (9) within ourselves comes into harmony with the creativity (3) of the universe.
This communication equivalence continues: 49, 61, 71, 83, 93, 105... etc.

..6    whose name is Love, also the number of the macrocosm, the 2nd perfect number (after 1, but 6 is the first for mathematicians).
..18    tides of the inner moon, the reflected light within us, moonlight is gentle and does not cast harsh shadows, but the moon moves all the waters of the earth, and our inner moon directs our emotional motivational force. Receptive to mystery (2x9) we find capability in the gentleness of the macrocosm (6).
..28    badge of the Golden Angel, three of 6 surround one of 10 which is really another 6 but with 4 lights, the secret key to the 7 of spirituality, and 4x7 showing the 7 manifest in all 4 worlds, the 3rd perfect number (in same grid position as 6 which was the first; next is 496 in the 12s grid position).
..40    a meditation on the 4, endurance, and 40 days is a Hebrew clich for a long time.
This theme of what-is-lasting continues with: 50, 62, 72, 84, 94, 106... etc.

..7    the triumph of spirit over matter, the 5th prime.
..19    inner sun (Prince of Heaven), the enlightenment we carry within us or within our higher selves, the 9th prime. The glory of the archetypes of the 7 traditional planets is understood only in the context of the 12 zodiac signs (7+12=19).
..29    the pillars, ie the outer pillars of the Tree (as 13+16) or the two pillars of the Temple, the 11th prime.
..41    the 14th prime, and 41 is 14 mirrored.
Gateway theme continues: 51, 63, 73, 85, 95, 107 etc.

..8    the number of the law, two views of the un-carved block, as above so below, the 2nd cube, 6th Fibonacci number, the secret key to the 8 is the sum of the secret keys of 5 and 6 (8^ = 5^+6^) vindicating Eliphas Levis switching of 8 and 11.
..20    its name is Awakening, the 4th tetrahedral number, a meditation on the 2. The Law expressed as a meditation on receptiveness shows that the universe is designed to absorb the experience within it.
..30    woven faces, the intense (multiplying) relationship between macrocosm (6) and microcosm (5), the 4th Pyramid number, a meditation on the 3.
..42    twice the 21 who gave understanding between male and female, 7x6 shows love at seven levels and the macrocosm expressed in all chakras.
This explanation of the real nature of the greater Law continues: 52, 64, 74, 86, 96, 108 etc.

..9    mystery, the mystery of the 4th triangle inverted and hidden, the 3rd square, quantum physics speaks of nine dimensions.
..21    whose name is the Crown of the Magi, notice one crown for many Magi, secret key to the 6, creativity(3) in all 7 chakras or levels of the Tree. The 21 is the answer to the mystery, the 2 plays the role of the 1 and the 1 plays the role of the 2, their previous meetings were in 3 as merging lovers and in 12 as co-operating companions, now they understand each other by being each other. When they have that true understanding the mystery is revealed within them.
..31    understanding freedom, complete freedom from all bonds and anchorages can be frightening or disorientating if it is experienced too soon, the 12th prime, mirror image of 13 change.
..43    the 15th prime, the secret key to the 43 is the sum of the secret keys to 26 and 34 (43^ = 26^+34^) wherein 34 (birth) is its mirror and 26 its cause.
The theme of achievement continues: 53, 65, 75, 87, 97, 109 etc.

Peaks and Transitions

..22    is opposite Zero.
..22    steps up as the same condition of existence as 10-11-12.
..32-33-34    is the same condition of existence as 22
..44    is opposite 22.
..44    steps up as the same condition of existence as 32-33-34.

..0 and 22 and 44 are start and finish points on the plains of the landscape. This equivalence continues 66, 88, 110 ...etc.

..10-11-12 and 32-33-34 are the crests of the hills of the journeys. The progress continues in 54-55-56, 76-77-78, and 98-99-100 ...etc.

...0    void, becoming limitless, becoming limitless light. The origin, the cradle, and the destination.

..10-11-12    is the refined essence of the fundamental principles 1, 2, 3 (and the first reduction to 1, 2, 3).
..10    is meditation, on the 1 and on the unity of the universe (by the 0 inside us). The peak expression of the 1, shown with the 0 from which it was born.
..11    is power, the 1 meets the 1, and 11 is microcosm (5) plus macrocosm (6), the 6th prime and the first palindromic prime. The peak expression of the 2, being the two balancing ones of any duality.
..12    is humanity, the peak expression of the 3, the 1 and 2 as male and female are in their own positions being their true selves and each cooperating with the other as companions, the 12 tribes of Israel are the 12 astrological types so all humanity is here.
..10+11+12 = 33.

..22    serene being, and being serene, nirvana, re-union, homecoming. Serenity is an expression of the beauty of the Awareness within the zero. This is the outermost step on this plane of the journey from the emptiness of the void to the emptiness of Nirvana.

..32    verity, in the role of the 10, all paths and wheels, only 0+0+4+4, the effect or result of the 10, the concept of the real structure.
..33    tantra, in the role of the 11, 33^=26^+20^, the effect or result of the 11, preparing the self for the real structure.
..34    birth, in the role of the 12, the 9th Fibonacci number, the effect or result of the 12, the work enabling the real structure.
..32+33+34 = 99

..44    guardian of the potential for stability, and the concept of structure, also guardian of the potential for four-dimensional experience, four dimensional experience reviewing itself and facing itself, the assimilation of the experience. The 44 = 31+13 (primes) among others, and the secret key to the 44 is the sum of the secret keys of 39 and 20 (44^ = 39^ + 20), also most intensely 44^ = 11^ x 5^.

Start of the Greater Structure

It may be appropriate to mentally curve the diagram so that this becomes a spiral symbolically. Or it may curve in another dimension.

There seems to be reason for confidence in this structure so far as it is shown, but that does not necessarily imply that any continuance would not have other jumps, curves, overlaps, or other variations.

Now we get a confirmation of all this from the Aura-Soma Equilibrium Bottles. When we arrange the bottles in rows of twenty-two:

0 to 21
22 to 43
44 to 65
66 to 87
88 to
we can look down the columns and find a commonality in the bottles above and below each other. Sometimes this is blatantly obvious (as in the 11, 33, 55, 77, 99 column), and in other cases it is difficult to see - but it is there. So we have our confirmation of the Grids being in sections of twenty-two. Likewise the section-to-section relationships between individual numbers are confirmed.

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