ASIACT Astrology - April 2015

Heading underline

Don’t be afraid of your fears. They’re not there to scare you. They’re there to let you know that something is worth it

This month we may have to fasten our spiritual seat belts: the Sun and Mercury have joined Uranus and transited from the still, embryonic waters of Pisces to the dynamic fires of Aries. This magnifies the evolutionary currents of the lingering Uranus-Pluto square propelling us to keep on making leaps of faith and taking giant steps forward on our path.

On the 4th we’ll experience a lunar eclipse when the Sun, Moon and Earth align in such a way that for a while the shadow of the earth obscures the Moon. As the Moon moves through the shadow of the Earth what has been stored in our unconscious is often activated: buried emotions and memories may surface, revealing to us our true motivations and perhaps even what is blocking us from shining our light. The cosmic keynote for this extra powerful Full Moon (14° 25′ Libra-Aries) is courage

Aries is the first sign of the Wheel of Life, representing the dawn of a new era, the archetype of initiation and exploration – the Fool in the Tarot crying ‘I am’ and stepping into the unknown. As creators we are the perpetual Fool ever encountering new edges and fresh frontiers. It takes willpower to overcome the pull of the past; it takes resolve to endure the discomfort of disapproval. Ruled by Mars, Aries is in our chart is where we encounter stress so that we may find the courage to choose our battles wisely

Bottle 22
Bottle 5
Bottle 59

The Moon in Libra, the sign of partnership and peace, opposes the Sun and Uranus in Aries, signifying the return of the sacred masculine which protects rather than destroys life and co-creates with, rather than dominating, the feminine. Vicky Wall ascribed Bottle 59, Lady Portia, pale yellow/pale pink to Libra: ‘A new journey across the watery expanse of the unconscious. Lady Portia, a new beginning at some level, an intense rebirth where we put negativity and judgement behind us. Also an initiate at another level in its connection to Bottle 5, the Yellow/Red (Sunrise/Sunset) and Bottle 22, the Yellow/Pink (Rebirther’s Bottle) and the paler version of the Hierophant and the Fool’s Mastership’ Mike Booth

Eclipses occur in 19-year cycles: in April 1996 there was a lunar eclipse in the same degree: what was important back then? What is your primary goal now?

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During March Uranus and Pluto completed their seventh square (see Archives for February and March this year) but they remain within 10° of each other till 2019 and will be inciting huge personal and global shifts - especially when the square is galvanised by other planets passing by. Be aware of critical insights on the 5th and 6th when the Sun squares Pluto and sidles up to Uranus and on the 7th and 8th when Mercury squares first Pluto and then conjoins Uranus. The bottles attributed to the Sun and Mercury are Bottles 4, Sunlight Bottle, Yellow/Gold and Bottle 51, Kuthumi, Pale Yellow/Pale Yellow. Yellow relates to our solar plexus and the cosmic suggestion is that we remain respectfully mindful of how our fears hold us back. With Pluto at 15° Capricorn and Uranus at 16° Aries, both Bottle 15, Healing in the New Aeon, Clear/Violet and Bottle 16, The Violet Robe, Violet/Violet take centre stage this month. It seems that the Yellow/Violet polarity may hold some answers (or, at the very least, some solace) for us. Bottle 18, The Turning Tide/Egyptian Bottle 1, Yellow/Violet, represents the outward journey of the Moon in the Tarot. Pamela Matthews writes about the woman on the set of Aura-Soma tarot cards that ‘Like the crayfish, which lives in two worlds, she moves between the realms of spirit and form…the soul contemplates the visible path and the unknowable beyond…’ Ask yourself how could you apply this vision to your own life?

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Whenever a planet appears to turn retrograde or direct, its influence intensifies and penetrates more deeply into our awareness. On the 8th Jupiter turns direct at 12° 35′ Leo and on the 17th Pluto turns retrograde at 15° 32′ Capricorn. The week or so before Jupiter’s station direct harbours anxiety as well as excitement; blocked emotions could be unleashed resulting in impulsive, premature statements and decisions. Bottle 37, The Guardian Angel comes to Earth, Violet/Blue (the bottle for Jupiter) supports liberating our inner teacher in the sense that our conduct underlines our words to make them effective. Perhaps it is time to accept our healing rather than emphasising our woundedness. ‘The descent into Avernus is easy;…but to recall your steps and ascend again to the upper world, this is the work, this is the task!’ Allen Mandelbaum.

Bottle 78

As Pluto, God of the Underworld moves retrograde (until 25 September) we’re forced to examine every area of our life and to eliminate what is not in alignment with our mission. It is as if we have to eliminate all our pro forma habits and patterns while facing ultimate personal truths. Especially if Pluto is revisiting an important degree in a chart we are brought up against our capacity to control life. The resources that we need for a Pluto sequence are often deeply buried and are only found by profound soul-searching and self-containment. Perhaps applying the contents of Bottle 78, Crown Rescue/The Transition Bottle, Violet/Deep Magenta could increase our reserves and support our inner resources.

Something is dying in order to be born.

written by Marelna Du Plessis