ASIACT Astrology - June 2014

Heading underline

Don't seek love externally, it's fleeting. Go beyond the ego and awaken the love that already exists within; it will encompass everyone and everything in your life; it will permeate your very being

Danielle Pierre

Life is earmarked by two universal movements of energy: coming into manifestation and returning to the unmanifested, expansion and contraction, the outward and the return journey. These movements are experienced in our every day lives: in our breathing, our heartbeat, our sleep and wakefulness, in youth and old age…

Birth is followed by expansion and we are then mainly concerned with pursuing our outer purpose: there is growth, growth of knowledge, possessions and experiences. Somewhere along the line, usually through loss or some personal tragedy the outward movement is disrupted. We are thrown into a state of meaninglessness, shock, incomprehension, despair and fear. So much in which we had invested our identity, proves to be an illusion.

Bottle 26

Orange in an Aura-Soma sense has to do with the acceptance and release of trauma. It is a secondary colour made up of red (survival and awakening) and yellow (knowledge and the mind). Applying any one of the four bottles that contain orange can assist us to understand (yellow) and to let go of past pain where we created fractured pieces in our mind. Putting ourselves together again is what Bottle 26, The Humpty Dumpty Bottle, Orange/Orange is all about: loss teaches that what we were attached to could not really sustain us. Loss is the first step to awakening, to a new beginning. We could access our deepest feelings, finish our mourning and birth a new life for ourselves. We could even learn to love our wounds and issues for their service to us.

Orange could support us to accept that which is natural. This is not to suggest that we follow our impulses or emotions blindly but rather that we experience our emotions and with awareness and acceptance find ways to utilise them. For example, anger can be channelled in such a way that we are able to use the energy to motivate self to fight for what we believe is right in a healthy, productive manner. This requires that we become aware of our emotions and consciously explore ways of using them for the Greater Good. This is a highly personal process: there is no one correct way to use our emotions, what is important is that we find a way to do this that is consistent with who we are and our values.

Letting go of our attachment to how things ought to be is letting go of pain. The truth is that the sun rises every morning and sets every evening. This is only true from our perspective on earth: from far out in space it is clear that the sun shines continuously. Our involvement in the beauty of the sun’s movements is not diminished by acknowledging that it is based on our earthly perspective. Yet this insight brings a detachment that allows an incomprehensible joy to take hold.

Bottle 72

Ultimately nothing happens that is not part of the greater purpose; our willingness to be connected rather than attached allows us to enjoy the present moment and the people we are with. Enjoyment brings laughter – laughter deconditions and often paves the way to a spontaneous and fresh approach to life: a return to innocence. Bottle 72, The Clown/Pagliacci, Blue/Orange (shaking to emerald green) suggests that we contain our own processes so that ‘we are able to offer insight and understanding based on our own experience, communicating the essence of bliss’. The Aura-Soma Sourcebook

Bottle 82

Bottle 82, Calypso, Green/Orange suggests that as the heart (green) expands we feel a measure of poignancy; there is real sweetness as the heart begins to dance after having been crippled for a long time.

Bottle 79

Celebration is in fact a fine form of consciousness and Bottle 79, The Ostrich Bottle, Orange/Violet could open us up to a deeper vision so that we are able to find the hidden gift within our trauma. As we gain fresh insight, our ancient armouring falls away, our energy flows once again to be used this time for our health, vitality, happiness and fun.

We are all butterflies. Earth is our chrysalis

LeeAnn Taylor

written by Marelna Du Plessis