ASIACT Astrology - February 2014

Heading underline

God turns you from one feeling to another and teaches by means of opposites so that you will have two wings to fly, not one


Everything breathes and turns in its cycles: the Moon, the stock markets, the wheeling galaxies—and even our hearts expand and contract with the rhythm of life. Energy spirals outward and returns and it is that moment of the turning that there is a moment of no-thingness, a moment of stepping into the complete unknown. Our world as we know it falls away and the world we’re moving towards is not quite there yet—perhaps we could call this the alchemical gap?

The alchemical process could be seen as akin to the individuation process. In the tradition of alchemy, the darkening or blackening process—the time when we find ourselves at the edge of a new way of being—is the starting point for true spiritual transformation: suffering and healing arise from the same profound roots in the soul. And as we develop a relationship with our darkest moments, we also distil some of our essence which means that we take another step towards fulfilling our purpose.

To transform lead into gold, we need to accept the light and the dark, the yang and the yin, the mountain and the vale, our angel and our dragon: cycles of awakening and openness are invariably followed by fear and contraction.

Bottle 16
Bottle 35

Violet is a secondary colour combining primary blue (uplifting heaven) and primary red (grounding earth), taking the messages of both to a new level. Vicky wall in her book The Miracle of Colour Healing writes about Bottle 16, The Violet Robe, Violet/Violet ‘This precious oil, creating the barrier to darkness that always seeks to destroy the light…brings healing to the soul. Know it with your mind, hold it against your heart…Go where spirit takes you and know yourself above the earth in touch with infinity and yet on earth’. Applying any of the twenty-three bottles with violet as one of the fractions could support us to re-view the roles we play and awaken to our true self. Violet is transformative: when we get in touch with our true self, we get in touch with what lies under the crust of our anger and fear and conditioned responses and we are able to heal and become more accepting, resilient and serene. As we accept ourselves more consciously, we allow more in the acceptance of others, words from the Equilibrium Resource Cards about Bottle 35, Kindness, Pink/Violet.

Violet guides us through the alchemical gap when we have to harness the power source within the basement of or being in order to move upward into ethereal and more spiritual realms. Through the violet in Aura-Soma we may indeed heighten our consciousness and be introduced to celestial realms we never experienced before. Through experiencing oneness with the universe we are able to contact the golden centre within ourselves and so we develop the faith necessary to allow our most cherished illusions to be stripped away, to keep or hearts open even when they threaten to break.

Bottle 78

We then know that ‘Every ending brings a new beginning; letting go and intense service may lead to our “right place”’ Keywords for Bottle 78, Crown Rescue, Transition Bottle, Violet/Deep Magenta.

written by Marelna Du Plessis