ASIACT Astrology - October 2014

Heading underline

Your hand opens and closes, opens and closes. If it were always a fist or always stretched open, you would be paralysed. Your deepest presence is in every small contracting and expanding, the two as beautifully balanced and coordinated as birds’ wings.


On the colour rose the sign of Libra is represented by green, the colour of the heart, the colour of relationships; strange that Libra is the only zodiac sign that has an inanimate object as its emblem. Libra’s stars glow through an instrument used for weighing things – a scale. Sumerians called this constellation Zib-ba An-na, meaning ‘the balance of heaven’. Back then the Autumn Sun rose in Libra when night and day were in equal measure, inspiring the belief that Libra was about balance rather than about partnering. The mythological heritage of Libra’s scale is the search for what is fair, just and true – what the Egyptians saw as the sacred scale of Ma’at, the goddess of balance, justice, truth and order. She was the one that kept the universe from slipping into chaos. At death, the human heart was measured by Anubis on her scales against a feather, to determine whether the individual had lived harmoniously within the natural laws and could move on to the next realm

Bottle 8

Bottle 8, Anubis, Yellow/Blue is, through the Tarot, aligned with the archetypal journey of Justice and ascribed to Libra and speaks about ‘The communication of knowledge, the joy of peace and the lightness of being’. This bottle shakes up as a deep emerald green and learning to live from the heart without judgement and the resulting defensiveness may be our real aim while the Sun is in Libra.

Bottle 86

The Return Journey for Justice is Bottle 86, Oberon, King of the Fairies, Clear/Turquoise promising a conscious clearing of suffering so as to have renewed faith in ourselves and increasingly able to witness our self from a spiritual vantage point.

Bottle 37

On the 4th Mercury, Master of Communication, turns retrograde at 2° 17′ Scorpio. Planets are channels for expression and as such their energy flows outward. When a planet turns retrograde a share of its vitality is directed away from the world, deeper into the mind toward the unconscious. For a while at least, the expression of that planet is insulated, shielded from most of the social programming so that we are able to pinpoint areas of our life that were either dealt with too superficially or misapplied and now need to be re-appraised before they can be used constructively in the external world. When Mercury turns retrograde, the normal communication emphasis of Mercury (along with its capacity for logical analysis and objective reasoning ability) is temporarily turned away from the level of daily routine activity. Until the 25th when Mercury turns direct, we can expect all types of minor disruptions when dealing with any forms of communication or transport. We will tend to slow down our processes to ensure a more complete and thorough sense of comprehension. At the same time we will be adjusting to limiting conditions that sometimes occur. Those who have Mercury retrograde in their natal charts, often find this time productive and much better suited to their natural pace. The Guardian Angel for the degree of Mercury’s turnabout is Veuliah, an angel that is attributed to Bottle 37, The Guardian Angel Come to Earth, Violet/Blue underlining that this needs to be a time of ‘transformative, peaceful and nurturing communication from above, that may be of benefit both for oneself and others’.

Bottle 40
Bottle 59

Every month we have a Full Moon – only every six months do the Sun, Moon and Earth align precisely to generate a lunar eclipse: on the 8th a total lunar eclipse (15° 5′ Aries) will be visible especially in Eastern Australia and large areas of the US, Beijing, Tokyo, Guatemala, Mexico and some other areas. During a Lunar Eclipse the Moon’s light (which is merely reflected sunlight) is temporarily blocked: this allows for a more direct experience of the Moon and its deeply emotional and subconscious forces. On Earth we then experience the greatest contrast between the masculine and the feminine, conscious and unconscious energies – as well as the greatest opportunity for synthesis and balance. The more we have developed our Aries side, our ability to know who we are and what we want—Bottle 40, I am, Red/Gold—the better we do Libra, the art of relating to and learning from someone who is different. The bottle Vicky ascribed to Libra, Bottle 59, Lady Portia, Pale Yellow/Pale Pink says it all: ‘Letting go of the judgements through self-acceptance and caring brings greater discernment and balance’.

Solar and lunar eclipses occur in pairs and this month is no different: the New Moon on the 23rd is a solar eclipse at 0° 25′ Scorpio. Although not always aware of it, we live in a constant stream of solar radiation. Only when the Moon momentarily blocks out the Sun, the powerful flows of solar emissions are prevented from reaching Earth. During this brief intermission, the energetic matrices shift more easily: patterns can be dissolved, higher dimensions become more accessible, ossified programming is erased and new archetypes are formed in the collective psyche. And so solar eclipses mark times of major endings and beginnings.

Wherever an eclipse falls in a chart is where our evolution is accelerated; should an eclipse fall on a personal significator, it usually means that noteworthy changes are in the offing. In October 1995 there was an eclipse set at the same degrees. Which emotional process was then uppermost in your life and how could you utilise the insights you made then to ease the process you are in now.

As we are delivered into a new era, we know that we are the mystery, the receivers and observers of the divine from within: the code, the answers, is within each of us. On our journey we might meet our own flaws and life’s harsh realities – keep your heart open.

Man’s heart is the central point and heaven the circumference

Shabistani, The Secret Rose Garden

written by Marelna Du Plessis