ASIACT Astrology - January 2014

Heading underline

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us

Marianne Williamson

The path to our own empowerment is the same as the path to spiritual maturity: invariably we develop through our first cravings of physical, visible symbols of power such as money, property or status, to the discovery that material things cannot provide us with true power. Dr David Hawkins in his book Power versus Force defines power as energising, ennobling and life-supporting; true power lies in heart-centred consciousness where inner stillness and acceptance of what is, is cultivated.

Royal Blue in an Aura-Soma sense represents the contact point between the divine mind and human thought: soul support is fed in from above. One of the gifts of the Archangel Raphael represented in Bottle 96, royal blue/royal blue is to support us to find the peace that resides at our inner core, to experience the appreciation when we enter a moment with nothing much happening yet feeling that we are inextricably connected to the all that is – a moment of clarity. In these moments we are awakened to the powerful, radiant beings we truly are.

We are then able to consciously contain an active understanding of our own processes as part of the Greater Process. At a practical level this means befriending all the conflicting parts of self: Equilibrium bottle 0, the first bottle in Aura-Soma, is royal blue/deep magenta and is called Spiritual Rescue: 'bringing clarity to seeing and feeling in physical life’' Aura-Soma Handbook, Mike Booth.

On 14 December 2013 Bottle 111, Archangel Daniel, royal blue/mid-tone olive saw the light, a bottle that could assist us 'to find our identity within the depth of our being'. Mike Booth The acceptance and peace of the royal blue allows our witness to emerge and moves us into a self sovereignty from where we are able to trust our heart and let go of our outer roles – roles that we may have believed gave us importance.

Royal blue is a tertiary colour made up of primary blue and secondary violet; as violet is the mix of red and blue it follows that royal blue is a large component of blue with a drop of red. Red is the colour of physicality, of grounding, of awakening, of concentration and of passion. It is the red or pink (red with light) in royal blue that creates the possibility to walk the powerful mystical path with practical feet.

We are increasingly empowered to transcend duality, to know that we are luminous beings and an integral part of the wholeness of life - and with this knowing, to move into the beyond and find the still point at the centre of Being. This becomes possible when we let go of thought, when we don’t even try to explain – only then do we become still and alert and aware of the sacredness that surrounds us. To be present...

written by Marelna Du Plessis