ASIACT Astrology - August 2013

Heading underline

All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them

Galileo Galilei

To move from self-consciousness to the consciousness of Self, it is also necessary to bring our intellect, our thinking being under the guidance of Divine Will. Invariably, the tightening knot in our solar plexus is created by the voice in our head telling a story that our body believes and reacts to. Any bottle with a yellow fraction could support us to relax, to become aware and understand that our strain and stress is generated from within our mind and the incessant chatter that repeats our conditioned assumptions.

Bottle 7

Yellow messages that our mind is only part of the totality of who we are and that thinking takes our attention either into the future or into our past; the result is that we are rarely present as the powerful presence that we truly are. And yet, when in tandem with the heart (green), the mind is a powerful tool. No wonder Bottle 7, yellow/green is called The Final Test of Faith, a bottle that asks that we ‘Trust in the process of life, the hope in how things may unfold’. Equilibrium Resource Cards. Our mind grounds us in time and supports us to use experience to deduce how to act differently and in such a way that we are aligned with our deeper self. The unfolding of the heart is artful and mysterious: there are always ups and downs, openings and closings often followed by fresh entanglements. In the course of our dance around the still point, we return to where we started many times, but each time with a fuller, more open heart.

Bottle 85

This bottle represents The Chariot of the Tarot Cards and its Return Journey brings us to Bottle 85, Titania, Queen of the Fairies, turquoise/clear: Light within; the path of individuation unfolds in the conscious mind. Those that are drawn to this bottle ‘may be linear thinkers and yet find joy in creative expression, learning in the context of teaching’. The Aura-Soma Sourcebook

Bottle 7
Bottle 74

The lightful version of Bottle 7 is Bottle 74, pale yellow/pale green – very aptly called Triumph. Using the contents of this bottle supports us to ‘overcome stressors by learning to accept them for what they are and to live in that context’. Aura-Soma Sourcebook

Bottle 42

Acquiring knowledge can bring us great joy as it percolates into wisdom. Applying the contents of a bottle with a yellow fraction could support us to be present, to access the joy in each moment: to replace momentary wanting with enjoyment as the motivating power behind our actions. Positive change is much more likely to occur if we could enjoy what we are already doing. Joy is not something that flows from an activity or a thing, joy flows from deep within us and creates a lightness of being that is ever present. And so Bottle 42, yellow/yellow is called The Harvest; the affirmation for this bottle is ‘I have joy in the knowledge that I have been given. I feel a lightness of being’.

Bottle 94

Bottle 94, Archangel Michael, pale blue/pale yellow introduced a new chapter to the Aura-Soma range of 111 bottles, promising a deep inner peace as we use our intelligence and discernment to dispel any confusion. Our intention to connect the personal will (yellow) with the higher will (blue) opens the heart (green).

We are able to awaken to our true being and rest in a timeless freedom of spirit.

written by Marelna Du Plessis