ASIACT Astrology - July 2013

Heading underline

Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams, because every second of the search is a second's encounter with God and with eternity

Paul Coelho, Alchemist

Gold in Aura-Soma is all about the wisdom of putting fear in its place. Gold is a tertiary colour made up of primary yellow (consciousness of self) and secondary orange (dedication to becoming whole) carrying some of the messages of both. There are fourteen bottles with gold as a fraction to support us to fearlessly dig for the golden wholeness within each of us.

Bottle 31

Within our first cell resides the genetic lineage of our mother, the genetic lineage of our father and the consciousness that we were before we entered into incarnation. We chose our physical heritage to bestow on us the perfect set of circumstances that compel us to become ever more enlightened. One of our greatest tasks is to find perfection in non-perfection – to meet the world with our heart as it is, unafraid of its beauty or its blemishes. Bottle 31, The Fountain, green/gold connects the green of our heart with our inner gold, helping to let go of the fear of trusting our body, our emotions and in life as it unfolds. This bottle aligns with the angel, Asaliah who ‘Offers the possibility for us to have more clarity and a broader vision, seeing the overall potential’. (Notes from the Aura-Soma course: 72 Angels)

Bottle 90

A broader vision is acquired through detaching, a detachment that allows us to truly experience life and all our emotions. Gold in an Aura-Soma sense supports us to let go of our fear of feeling the pain and the grief and the vulnerability that is so much part of our human existence. Rather than spending time on being afraid we move through our feelings, understanding ourselves better every time. Especially Bottle 90, Wisdom Rescue, gold/deep magenta could inspire us to apply a sense of humour ‘to accept that which promotes our deepest fears and to know that the support lies within the depths of ourselves’. Mike Booth

Applying a bottle with a gold fraction encourages us to pay attention to fear and noticing that it is merely resistance to an energy wanting to move through us. The moment we allow the fear to move through us, it pours through us as excitement. We often create excitement by parachuting, racing, bungee-jumping; when we allow self to face up to that which frightens us, letting it flow through us, the energy released provides us with immeasurable thrills.

Living in the future creates strain and fear; the present is inseparable from life and so in deciding what kind of relationship we want to have with the present moment, we are deciding what kind of relationship we want to have with life. Our decision to befriend the present moment, to befriend life, changes our entire reality. Steeping our self in gold supports us to live fully in the moment without fear. This creates a heart spaciousness of release and giving which opens the door to eternity and love.

The path to a broader consciousness is the path to greater awareness and joy.

written by Marelna Du Plessis