ASIACT Astrology - October 2013

Heading underline

Don't care what people say
Just follow your own way
Don't give up and use the chance
To return to innocence.

That's not the beginning of the end
That's the return to yourself
The return to innocence


The word 'innocence' can be traced back to the Latin word 'innocens' and means not guilty, harmless, blameless. Whenever we hear the word invariably the first thing that comes to mind is the innocence of a child. Children are innocent before they are touched by the world. Adults on the other hand, have had to become more conscious through life's adversities and become very protective of the deeper inner self. Such protection could take the form of withholding, manipulating, lying, acting out of anger, overeating or other addictions. One could say that these acts spring from a self-centred, fearful perspective and are contrary to the wisdom of our innocent hearts.

Bottle 10
Bottle 88

Innocence means to be free of guilt, more often than not, the guilt heaped upon us by societal rules and regulations. For society to survive we need guidelines that ensure cooperation, but constant feelings of guilt or self-reproach because we have done wrong, give rise to unhealthy measures. Green is made up of the primary colours blue and yellow: the peace (blue) of being one's innocent self freely and confidently (yellow). Any Aura-Soma bottle with a green fraction could support us to release our feelings of guilt so that we are increasingly able to act from a natural state of being and so regain our innocence. The green/green bottle in Aura-Soma is called Go Hug a Tree (Bottle 10)...' A tree views existence and the situation of life from the same perspective no matter how old it is...the tree is a symbol of the spiral of time...Bottle 10 is about spirals, truth, direction and space...' Aura-Soma Sourcebook On our Return Journey Bottle 88, the Jade Emperor, green/blue messages: 'I allow the inner quality to manifest from within me in all the actions or inaction that I take'. Equilibrium Resource Cards.

Bottle 3

This bottle is an upside-down version of the Heart Bottle, Bottle 3, blue/green. It is no surprise that the heart, the vital centre where the Greater Intelligence and man meet, has come to be regarded as a symbol of profound wisdom. Teachings of the heart may be traced throughout the ages and all of them share the same idea: the importance of the heart as an authority that tells us what really matters, what the truth is and which direction to take. Any bottle with a green fraction could support us to stay true to the innocence of our own heart.

Achieving and maintaining an innocent heart and mind requires great vigilance – we have to live as close as possible to our truth so that no-one can declare us guilty. We need to act from true self worth (pink) to dispel any feelings of self-reproach: innocence transcends all falsehood...Loretta Johnson. The keynote for Bottle 21, New Beginning for Love, green/pink says it all: The emergence of freedom through self-acceptance. Our innocence relies on our acceptance that everything is as it must be – only then do we relinquish control and judgement and we're reborn into love.

Forgiveness of self for everything that we have decided we did wrong, enables us to transform our guilt into valuable, applicable lessons of how, in future, to follow the dictates of the heart. Guilt is almost wisdom and until the lesson is learnt, it is a form of punishing our self for not making the correction.

An open heart supports us to share our true self with others, to be real and inspirational...

Love wasn't to be measured, much less restricted, by methodology. Love wasn't a method. Love was a faculty of the highest order, imagined or unimagined. Love wasn't an activity. Love was an experience. Love was the second coming of innocence

Rob Inclan, The Love Between us

written by Marelna Du Plessis