ASIACT Astrology - September 2012

Heading underline

I offer gentle understanding of myself.
I position myself in love, not fear.
I look behind me with forgiveness.
I look forward with festive anticipation.
I embrace this holy moment and assert,
Now. This moment is the moment to love,
the moment to serve,
the moment to seize the legacy instead of the small.
Now. Now I will live large, love boldly,
Reach to the edges of my unfurled heart and fully enrolled hope.

Mary Anne Rademacher

Knowing about our self is not the same as knowing our true inner self; knowing about self is understanding the content of our mind as it has been conditioned by our past experiences. When we refer to our 'life', we are referring to the life we have – not the life we are. The life we have mostly refers to our age, our health, our relationships, our mental-emotional state and our living conditions – the content of our life. The life we are refers to our vast inner space of consciousness – that which enables the content to be.

This space consciousness could be defined as an awareness that underlies our being conscious of things – being conscious of being conscious. When we know self through content only, we fall into the trap of thinking that we know what is good and what is bad for us. As a result we focus our energy on creating circumstances that we think are good for us: we create expectations that perhaps disregard the wholeness of life in which everything is connected and in which everything that happens is exactly as it must be.

Bottle 108

Olive green in an Aura-Soma sense is also about hope – 'The hope, not in the sense of anticipation, but in the sense of a positive attitude toward that which will come to be'. Aura-Soma Sourcebook. Olive is made up of primary yellow and secondary green, and green is a mixture of yellow and blue. Breaking tertiary olive down to the three primary colours brings us to quite a bit of yellow with a touch of blue: where fear (yellow) and faith (blue) meet we find feminine leadership, an appreciation of our life and the hope of cultivating an encompassing loyalty to our heart’s truth. The keywords for Bottle 108, Archangel Jeremiel, mid-tone turquoise/ mid-tone olive expresses this beautifully: Letting go of the past brings changes of perception so that I may communicate through a loving and truthful heart.

Bottle 91
Bottle 102

Choosing Bottle 91, Feminine Leadership of the Heart, olive green/olive green may mean that we are set to respectfully let go of all fantasies of how life ought to be. We are in a period of transition, the change zone, a state that brings uncertainty and confusion. 'Upon what do we build the foundations of our lives?' Keynote for Bottle 102, Archangel Samael, deep olive green/deep magenta.

Bottle 101

Appreciation for life as it is, viewing the present moment as a gift could ease us into a new way of being. Making a new beginning can be daunting as often our sense of self and our competence is put at risk: we hold back for fear of failure and the humiliation of not knowing how. Applying the contents of any of the eight bottles with olive as a fraction could strengthen our appreciation for any outcome and a knowing that we are participants in the unfolding of a Bigger Plan: to trust that no matter the outcome, all is as it must be and is 'The way back to the garden of the heart. The opening of a new level within our being'. Keynote for Bottle 101, Archangel Jophiel, pale blue/pale olive.

Bottle 106

Appreciation is our personal cheerleader in the game of life ever egging us on to live with exuberance and joy. Archangel Ratziel, Bottle 106, misty pale olive/misty pale lilac is the archangel of personal empowerment and teaches that life is an alchemical process and with presence, consciousness and a soft focus, change and transformation occur in a natural and peaceful way.

written by Marelna Du Plessis