ASIACT Astrology - August 2012

Heading underline

Since everything is none other than exactly as it is one may well just break out in laughter

Long Chen Pa

Yellow is the possibility of joy that can exist in each moment.

Bottle 42

B42, a gleaming all yellow bottle, named 'Harvest' could be described as a tool for opening to new possibilities regarding consciousness, joy, happiness and intellectual clarity: the understanding of self.

There is a moment in every life when the human ego recognises itself, when the infant merged with the mother, begins to realise itself as a separate entity. This may be a shocking discovery, but there is also a measure of wonder and joy when we understand: I am! The bright, yellow light radiating from the solar plexus reflects this magical mind power.

Bottle 51

The consciousness of a separate self brings with it a responsibility to discriminate, to make choices. Responsibility as a word could be read as 'the ability to respond' (to not react). We are compelled to place our self in the present moment to respond appropriately, to make choices congruent with our immediate reality and with our higher purpose. At that moment the energy flows freely through our centre and we serve as an intermediary between that which is above and that which is below. The affirmation for Bottle 51, Kuthumi, pale yellow/pale yellow: I am standing between the worlds. I hear the voice of the angels and know that it is my task to communicate with the devic energies of the earth.

Bottle 74

In Bottle 74, Triumph, pale yellow/pale green, the connecting energy of Kuthumi is linked to the heart and the joy of finding the space within the depth of ourselves to follow our own truth. 'If we take everything else away, what do we truly believe and know for ourselves before any opinions arise?' Mike Booth.

Letting go of our attachments means letting go of pain: not only our attachments to people but our attachment to how things ought to be. The truth is that the sun rises every morning and sets every evening. This is only true from our perspective on earth: from far out in space it is clear that the sun shines continuously. Our involvement in the beauty of the sun movements is not diminished by acknowledging that it is based on our perspective. Yet this insight brings a detachment that allows an incomprehensible joy to take hold.

Ultimately nothing happens that is not part of the greater purpose; our willingness to be connected rather than attached allows us to enjoy the present moment and the people we are with. Enjoyment brings laughter – laughter deconditions and often paves the way to a spontaneous and fresh approach to life: a return to innocence or inner sense.

Bottle 4

Perhaps we can cease striving to define our external identity? The moment we let go of the belief that we are who we were conditioned to believe we might be, our confusion evaporates. If we could fully accept that we don’t exactly know, that the process ever unfolds...the fear evaporates and peace and clarity descend. The affirmation for Bottle 4, The Sunlight bottle, yellow/gold echoes 'I am safe and happy and know that I know nothing'.

There are no solutions. Only choices

From the film, Solaris

written by Marelna Du Plessis