ASIACT Astrology - May 2012

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Be totally vulnerable and Realise that you cannot be harmed

Bentinho Massaro

We are in the midst of an extraordinary transition as evidenced by the revolutionary energy so prevalent in so many countries and the countless economic, environmental and energy crises around us. We are being compelled to clarify what we cherish and what we must transform. Our identification with form has resulted in an unawareness of our connectedness with the whole, our intrinsic oneness with every other person as well as with the Source.

We are evolving beyond identification with ego, family, religion and culture to being a member of the human race and an understanding that we are all part of a Greater Whole. Underlying this insight is that everything is about consciousness and that consciousness is all there is.

The coral vibration in Aura-Soma represents the emergence of this new consciousness: an appreciation that the world we see around us is a world of perceived duality. Any of the five bottles with a coral fraction could align our sometimes fragmented consciousness into greater unity and recognition of our place within the community.

Joining with others is a key to healing: bonding and fusion are opposing ways of joining. Bonding is a connection with others that brings about love and understanding. Fusion is a form of counterfeit joining, a form of sacrifice and co-dependency that keeps us stuck in muddled boundaries. Bonding heals the fear which leads to a belief in separation and even authority-conflict which is in fact at the heart of any problem.

Often we lose bonding, thinking that independence could save us from unpredictable, seemingly hurtful experiences. Yet independence is merely a one-sided identification with the masculine, not allowing us to receive and concerned only with competing and winning. In the Tarot card depicting the Archangel Azreal, ascribed to Bottle 105, coral/coral, a grail is formed by male and female profiles at his glowing heart. ‘Recognition and love of the divine feminine and Gaia may give peace a chance to prevail.

We have all been conceived from a sperm's victorious race to conception: now we need to rest in the warm nurturing feminine energy of the womb in order to grow to our full potential

Tarot Symbols Handbook, Pamela Matthews

Bottle 92
Bottle 93

This is a theme echoed by the only two bottles which came into being as a pair: Bottle 92, Gretel, coral/olive and Bottle 93, Hansel, coral/turquoise. Bonding is an important part of this story as Gretel trusts her intuition and saves the day by pushing the witch (representing the feminine of the past) into the fire. In her love for Hansel the emerging feminine (Gretel) finds the courage to grow past her fears and to take the initiative. Hansel mainly bears witness to this process. Their collaboration is testament to transcending dependent and unfulfilling relationships. Coral heralds a time in which we are able to go beyond the duality of self and unfold new archetypes more fitting for the emerging age.

Bonding allows reward for our efforts – the stronger the bond, the more confident we become. We naturally offer the gifts of who we are and receive the gifts of who others are. Within the process of bonding all parties are able to experience their area of expertise and everybody is able to be their true selves – relationships flow into ease and mutuality. It brings us to the realisation that co-operation is more than mere 'operation', that the Whole is more than the sum total of the parts.

It is not what you are's where you are seeing from

Michael Jeffries

written by Marelna Du Plessis