ASIACT Astrology - March 2012

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Letting Go

Love comes in the letting go

Affirmation for Bottle 109, Archangel Zachariel, magenta/mid-tone olive

During the ups and downs of life, the cycles of contraction and expansion as we give birth to our self, we seem to be continually striving towards finding our true purpose, our spiritual goal. With maturity we realise that even more frequently our task is one of letting go, of opening the heart and accepting the changes of life.

One of the messages of Magenta in an Aura-Soma sense is to trust the love from above: often what we strive for, materially or spiritually, turns out to be false. Magenta awakens us to the peace, the grace of letting go of the illusions; we then find tremendous faith in the ground of all things, that which is true before and after everything we plan for ourselves. Trusting that everything passes – that is grace.

Bottle 77

Bottle 77, The Cup, clear/magenta, the bottle Vicky gave us before her passing, affirms: 'I let go of my illusions to be able to see what is in front of me more clearly than ever before'.

Bottle 104

Letting go is an advanced practice: it is invariably demanded during our greatest trials and in our final moments. Within the letting go our heart learns the truth that 'It is how it is. A new beginning for love. A new order of being'. Keywords for Bottle 104, Archangel Chamael, iridescent pink/magenta

Bottle 107

In our process of letting go the heart learns that to let go is also to embrace what is true. Anything we resist frightens us, makes us hard and inflexible; to enter into the process fills us with compassion, gratitude and love. Mike Booth writes about Bottle 107, Archangel Tzaphkiel, turquoise/deep magenta that applying the contents of this bottle could 'help us to get in touch with the lyricism of the heart, where the truth of ourselves may be touched as the song of the heart communicates itself with others. We may be transported towards the lightness of being'.

Bottle 109

Bottle 109, Archangel Zachariel, magenta/mid-tone olive teaches that embracing the love from above (magenta) supports us to let go of the bitterness of the past (olive) – and so often the bitterness stems from a denial of the truth – not only by ourselves but by our ancestors and we carry their bitterness in our cells. The magenta in this bottle is a bit more pink than the previous magenta fractions – a new magenta and we're asked to let go of what we have relied upon, of what we deemed sacred!

When we release our attachment to the bitterness and fears of the past and how life ought to be, we become all the more able to live wisely and without judgement, to live from our golden self. No matter how challenging a situation, we let go into change and find peace in our surroundings; we are able to trust the greater cycles of life, trust that everything is as it must be.

Wise letting go is not a detached removal from life. It is the heart's embrace of life itself, a willing opening to the full reality of the present.

Jack Kornfield

written by Marelna Du Plessis