ASIACT Astrology - January 2012

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Trusting the Process

The entire mind realm is filled with unsolvable paradoxes, and so it is limited. We apply the mind's maximum capabilities in the spiritual search, yet the mind cannot go with us in the final leg of the journey to our Source

Paul Constant

The more we evolve into the Age of Aquarius, the more we are becoming aware of the wholeness of life: everything is interconnected, every event and experience has its necessary place and function within the totality. Our concrete mind is however mainly concerned with physical reality, with facts, reason and making sense of cause and effect: it is locked into time and space and manifests as linear, factual thinking.

And yet we are increasingly aware that behind the seemingly random and even chaotic sequence of events in our lives and in the world lies the unfolding of a higher order. We experience this through an increasing number of incidents of synchronicity or dispassionately looking back on our lives and discerning an unmistakable pattern.

We could never understand this higher order through thinking about it because whatever we think about could only be the content of our life – the higher order emanates from the formless realm. Any of the six Equilibrium bottles with a royal blue fraction could support us to access this world that reaches beyond the mental categories of good and bad – the world of the Higher Mind. As Mike Booth once said about Bottle 96, Archangel Raphael, royal blue/royal blue 'Here the higher functions of the mind are brought into Being. Soul support is fed in from above'.

Royal blue is a tertiary colour made up of primary blue and secondary violet; as violet is the mix of red and blue it follows that royal blue is a large component of blue with a drop of red. Red is the colour of physicality, of grounding, of awakening, of concentration and of passion. It is the red or pink (red with light) in royal blue that creates the possibility to walk the mystical path with practical feet.

Royal blue in an Aura-Soma sense is to transcend duality, to move into the beyond and find the still point at the centre of Being. This becomes possible when we let go of thought, when we don't even try to explain – only then do we become still and alert and aware of the sacredness that surrounds us. To be present...

The paradox is that by paying attention to our own body – its senses and its natural rhythms - we connect with our inner wisdom, our inner gold. (Gold is opposite royal blue on the colour rose). By applying the contents of any of the six bottles with a royal blue fraction we commit to being mindful, without preconceived ideas, of what we sense from moment to moment. And so our body remembers the truth of who we are. 'Becoming mindful of your physicality is a prerequisite of developing your quality of consciousness'. Mike Booth, teaching 'Listening to the Star Within'.

We are then able to experience the shift from one opposite to the other and to consciously contain an active understanding of our own processes as part of the Greater Process. At a practical level this means befriending the conflicting parts of self: Equilibrium bottle 0, the first bottle in Aura-Soma, is royal blue/deep magenta and is called Spiritual Rescue: 'bringing clarity to seeing and feeling in physical life'. Aura-Soma Handbook, Mike Booth.

Our Higher Mind knows that no event is random and if we wanted to trace back the cause of an event we would have to go all the way back to the beginning of creation. The implication is that when the basis for our actions is in alignment with the present moment, our actions are sanctioned by the Greater Intelligence that underlies all life.

written by Marelna Du Plessis