ASIACT Astrology - September 2011

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Since everything is none other than exactly as it is one may well just break into laughter

Long Chen Pa

Bottle 91

Bottle 91, the olive/olive bottle is called Feminine Leadership – leading through compassion, cooperation, mutuality and timelessness. The feminine side of us effortlessly blends spirit and matter promising abundance, birth, growth, harmony and relationship. The Great Mother represents the earth from which all life is born – and to which it returns at the end of its natural cycle – she appears before us ready to give forth. She knows how to let go so that the cycles take their natural course, she knows that things are exactly as they must be. Any bottle with olive as a fraction supports us to release the past, to reconcile with all that is incomplete in our heart so that we are able to move forward with hope and joy.

Olive on the colour rose lies between the emerald of the heart and the yellow of the solar plexus: within the yellow we celebrate our separateness, the green reminds us of our interconnectedness. When we focus on letting go of the bitterness, the fear, the guilt and the vengeful thoughts, the contraction in our solar plexus eases, our heart opens and fills with love and forgiveness.

Bottle 109

Forgiveness is not something that we do – it is a choice that allows the grace, the love from above to move through us and transform the situation and move us forward. To make the choice we only need to be willing to forgive - forgiveness for our self, for others will follow. Forgiveness is simply discovering the movement of heart that opens in kindness and understanding - even though it often opens us to a period of sorrow and grief. Mike Booth in his further thoughts on Bottle 109, Archangel Zachariel, magenta/mid-tone olive described the keynote as: Sincerity in love-letting go we’re already forgiven.

Bottle 106

Bottle 106, Archangel Ratziel, misty pale olive/misty lilac represents the master alchemist; he is able to transmute conditioned patterns by bringing into consciousness how challenging circumstances relate to the ingrained bitterness of the past; regular use of the contents of this bottle supports us to then turn our focus towards the sweetness of spirit understanding. That through the softening kindness of forgiveness, we free our self from blind repetition, from carrying the pain of the past into the future.

Bottle 108
Bottle 109

In Bottle 108, Archangel Jeremiel, mid-tone turquoise/mid-tone olive and in Bottle 109, Archangel Zachariel, magenta/mid-tone olive we are introduced to the middle ground of interdependence and cooperation. Olive eternally reminds us that if we’re able to remain truly present we become capable of meeting each new moment with soul clarity: 'In so doing we meet others in their newness and freshness rather than projecting into the future or burdening them with how we saw them in the past'. Mike Booth

The feminine within encourages us to be practical and to be grounded in our body, to have a focus without being too attached to the outcome; it is the way of having faith and hope and trusting the process of life, it is about living life to the full.

written by Marelna Du Plessis