ASIACT Astrology - August 2011

Heading underline

The Yellow Brick Road

There is no place like whole

Invisible Mikey

Just as Humpty Dumpty breaks into pieces as he falls off the wall, Spirit unfolds into a myriad of meanings as it 'falls' into time. And so we set off on the Yellow Brick Road to put together our unique self - all the way gaining more awareness, freedom and understanding. The Dorothy, meaning Divine Being or Gift, in all of us goes on a journey towards the Emerald City – in an Aura-Soma sense the City of the True Heart. No wonder the yellow/green bottle (Bottle 7) is called The Final Test of Faith and shakes up as olive, the colour of hope. In the film Dorothy sings a song of hope:

Somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.

Over the Rainbow, lyrics by E. Y. Harburg

Bottle 7 represents The Chariot in the Tarot and its Return Journey corresponds to Bottle 85, Titania, Queen of the Fairies, turquoise/clear, a bottle that brings 'light on the path as we enter understanding…there is the potential for a great deal of joy arising from within the progress that has been made'. Mike Booth. Any of the thirteen bottles with yellow as a fraction supports the search for wholeness and the joyful inner ease when we answer the call to adventure, the call to find our destiny: who we are and how we fit into the greater scheme of things.

Glinda, the good witch, bestows Dorothy with a pair of red shoes (symbolic of her inner spark) and although she understands they are magical, she does not realise their full power- that the shoes could whisk her home once she understood that what she had been travelling towards had been within herself all along. The yellow/red bottle is called the Sunrise/Sunset Bottle with its keynote: 'The opportunity to use the wisdom wisely in relation to the energies we carry'. The yellow/red was Vicky Wall's soul bottle and Mike Booth once wrote that much of the colour combination 'is to do with the process of moving through personal love to love's higher and more mystical qualities. The higher will is becoming more active, yet life is lived with a true passion'.

In the Tarot, Bottle 5 relates to The Hierophant, the spiritual authority within. The Return Journey is represented by Bottle 83, Open Sesame, turquoise/gold. In the image of the Tarot Card of the Return Journey of The Hierophant

the viewer is offered keys and a pathway to embark upon their own journey through the mysteries

Pamela Matthews

Yellow is also about the ability to integrate and assimilate knowledge so that all the aspects of self are consciously honoured. Dorothy first meets the Scarecrow who is straw-filled and without a brain yet he proves to be the most resourceful of all her companions and at the end of the story is left in charge of Oz. The Scarecrow represents the tension between 'knowledge: that which we can be acquired and wisdom: that which we already have'. The keynote for Bottle 4, The Sunlight Bottle, yellow/gold.

Dorothy's has two more companions on her journey: the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion. The Tin Man is a being with a rusty, rigid shell disguising deep sensitivity and compassion; he seeks a heart with which to love, be joyful, to dance and sing – truly a Vision of Splendour, the name of Bottle 70, yellow/clear. During the course of the story the Tin Man cries; his tears are like the flow of oil –the elixir of love and sorrow that heals the wounds of the past.

We all need courage to face that what we view as obstacles are actually challenges along the path of life – challenges that expand our consciousness. The Lion is asked to acknowledge his fears and vulnerabilities as he is asked to serve and protect his beloved companions. Let's be brave and ascribe Bottle 42, Harvest, yellow/yellow to our brave lion: consciousness of self, joy, happiness and an understanding of self.

written by Marelna Du Plessis