ASIACT Astrology - July 2011

Heading underline

True Grit

Courage is not the towering oak that sees storms come and go; it is the fragile blossom that opens in the snow

Alice Mackenzie Swaim

In the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears we learn about a golden haired, adventurous little girl who innocently stumbles into the orderly existence of bear sizes, porridge bowls, chairs and beds. She momentarily finds shelter within the ritualised way of bear-being but runs away when she is discovered: she creates a crisis in the existing order while at the same time finding out that her search for a true sense of home, identity and ‘family ties’ lie somewhere else. Perhaps Goldilocks represents the curious inner child within each of us searching for a sense of self and kindred spirits that could support us to become who we always have been. Perhaps her story teaches that we sometimes have to be lulled into a false sense of belonging before we find our ever-unfolding space.

Gold on the colour rose lies between primary yellow (the joy of understanding) and orange (insight into our genetic patterning) carrying some of the messages of both: any of the fourteen bottles with gold as a fraction could support us to defy the gravitational pull of materiality and rise above identification with the form that condemns us to imprisonment within the personality we have been led to believe we are.

Bottle 14

However before we can contact the gold, we must let go of the fears and difficulties that surround our identity and personality.’ (Aura-Soma Sourcebook). Bottle 14, Wisdom in the New Aeon, clear/gold. Often we are able to do just that by finding the perfect blend of mind and heart visible and invisible, reaction and action. This bottle is related to the Tarot card Temperance: the Fool on his journey comes upon a golden angel who pours the waters of consciousness between two flasks with such wisdom that irreconcilable becomes reconcilable, an alchemical process.

In the tradition of alchemy, the darkening or blackening process is the starting point for true spiritual transformation: suffering and healing arise from the same profound roots in the soul. As we develop a relationship with our wounds, we also distil some of our essence. Our pain seems unavoidable, yet our wound is also the source of our healing and transformation.

Bottle 92

Bottle 92, Gretel, pale coral/olive clarifies the Return Journey of Temperance. In the Aura-Soma Tarot deck a serene and graceful being holds the original seed of creation in the form of the cosmic egg in her hands. Her third eye is adorned with a pearl of great price. A pearl is formed through fine grit slipping into an oyster to continually irritate the living being within: through pain and suffering a pearl is formed.

Bottle 90

Bottle 90, Wisdom Rescue, gold/deep magenta assists us to make sense of our earliest experiences so that we are able to apply our wisdom to daily life. There is an unexpected grace of healing at the very moment when we have had the fortitude to reach the quick of the wound, the most painful place: somewhere in the soul, suffering merges into ecstasy, the joy of becoming ever more whole.

Gold supports an understanding of universal laws, supports us to uncover the balance, beauty, grace and perfection of things and people around us simultaneously revealing our own inner balance and perfection. This wisdom brings us in contact with life on all levels and in all realms – we are able to assuage loneliness for we feel the presence of others in our spiritual hearts, beyond time and space.

Love goes beyond all dimensions and dissolves all boundaries.

written by Marelna Du Plessis