ASIACT Astrology - June 2011

Heading underline

You are on the brink of discovering your selves; your numinous and ineffable consciousnesses. Choose your consciousness in each moment you breathe. The path has been opened to you, the alarms have rung and you have awakened. Now is the time to stand upon your own two feet declaring your sovereignty, your divinity and your humanity - and owning it all

Isaac George

We’re born as innocents mainly concerned with pursuing our purpose in the external world: we gather experiences, knowledge, possessions and our identity becomes enmeshed in who we think we are. Somewhere along the line, usually through a sense of loss or some personal tragedy we are thrown into a state of meaninglessness, shock, incomprehension, despair and even fear. So much in which we had invested our identity proves to be an illusion – in a way we become orphans.

Disillusioned we awaken to the fact that perhaps we need to find our own way: we go on a pilgrimage to find our true self.

Orange is a secondary colour made up of primary red and tertiary gold carrying the messages of both: red is about finding our ground, a ground fertile with awakening to our destiny; within the gold is encapsulated our true aura, our true essence. Assembling the energies of red and gold, the orange frequency thus unlocks experiences (not always those we expect) that unearth our true self – leaving it up to us to utilise the insights we make along the way to steer us towards our true vocation.

Bottle 14

Putting ourselves together again is what Bottle 26, Humpty Dumpty, orange/orange is all about: loss teaches that what we were attached to could not really sustain us. Loss is the first step to awakening, to a new beginning. We access our deepest feelings, complete the mourning and birth a new life for ourselves.

Bottle 72

Our inner pilgrim goes on a purposeful journey to, in his or her own time, come to a belief and a truth that she has found for herself. Truth is an important part of the process and gradually we find the courage to speak the unspeakable. We may choose Bottle 72, The Clown, Pagliacci, blue/orange when we are able to offer insight and understanding based on our own experience. (The Aura-Soma Sourcebook) In ancient times the court jester was able to be freer with his opinions and often became a trusted confidant. Laughter deconditions and often paves the way to a spontaneous and novel approach to life: a return to innocence (inner sense).

Bottle 82

Getting to know self means that we are able to make decisions that guide us along our soul’s path; in a way we take charge of our life and awaken our inner Monarch. Bottle 82, Calypso, green/orange represents the return journey of the Emperor in the Tarot, ruling from his heart (green) rather than from his will. The reconciliation of the three forces, the "yes", the "no" and the "I do not know", comes from our feelings rather than our thinking. (Aura-Soma Sourcebook)

Bottle 79

Bottle 79, The Ostrich Bottle, orange/violet promises Insight and transformation, deep joy and being able to hear what challenges us. (Keynote in Aura-Soma Sourcebook) The transformation (violet) of our ancient armouring (orange) allows us to abandon achievement, to let go of control and trust the power of love. This bottle represents the return journey of the Magician in the Tarot: as we Let go and let God our true creative power will take us where we need to go.

You lose your grip, and then you slip

Into the masterpiece. Leonard Cohen

Acknowledgement: The Six Archetypes of Love, Allan G Hunter

written by Marelna Du Plessis