ASIACT Astrology - April 2011

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Essential Self

The personal life, deeply lived, takes you beyond the personal.

Anais Nin

Everywhere we look we can see the evidence of the Story of Life: we beings that are individually and collectively, consciousness as light – descended from oneness into manyness and, as life progresses, on our path back from manyness to oneness. On our way back, consciousness evolves and our process of awakening gains momentum.

At present we are part of a spiritual revolution, increasingly aware that we are part of a dimensional shift – a shift from the limited perception of duality (the manyness) to a collective awareness of our inherent divinity and interconnectedness.

Bottle 29
Bottle 30

Red in Aura-Soma is about supporting a shift in our consciousness, brought about by waking the inner observer. The possibility arises to witness all that occurs upon the stage of our self – the good, the bad and the beautiful. Using any of the thirteen bottles with red as a fraction could support us to remain a little detached so that we are able to not only find a balance between the spiritual and the physical world, but to apply it in our daily life. Red in an Aura-Soma sense supports us to Get Up and Go (Bottle 29, red/blue) and Bring(ing) Heaven to Earth (Bottle 30, blue/red) by truly understanding the connection between the spiritual and material and finding a focus that involves both.

Bottle 89

Bottle 89, red/deep magenta, is called the Time Shift Bottle (also the Energy Rescue). This bottle indicates that it is through our inner strength that we discover our fire. The spiritual discipline that we have been cultivating in our life now has to flower. The eleventh hour has come and gone: no longer can we hold on to old outworn, unsuitable habit patterns; we have grounded a new Being which gives us the strength to reveal our Star to others. Mike Booth once described the essence of this bottle as: ‘I am the power of passionate love of cosmic consciousness. I am the depths and the heights. I am the centre of Being. Timeless. Endless.’ (Note: The earthquake in Japan measured 8.9 on the Richter scale and we have all been deeply affected by this shift in the earth’s crust.)

Bringing light or consciousness to red turns it into pink. The moment we awaken to our self as the consciousness behind our thinking, we access spaciousness (unconditional love) within our self – a spaciousness which brings about a synergy between our inner and outer worlds so that we gradually become aligned with the evolutionary impulse of the universe.

Bottle 58
Bottle 30
Bottle 20
Bottle 57

The message of Bottle 58, Orion and Angelica, pale blue/pale pink (a light-filled version of Bottle 30 and Bottle 20, The Star Child, blue/pink) is to truly trust the welcome and unwelcome changes that take place every the moment - ‘To let go and trust the process of life.’ Keywords for Bottle 57, Pallas Athena, pale pink/pale blue, Equilibrium Resource Cards

The imperative is to realise that the security and love that we seek are not to be found in the material world. We are all part of a greater whole and the material world is merely the playground of the spirit, the schoolroom for the higher self and a mirror for our soul ever enticing us to awaken.

written by Marelna Du Plessis