ASIACT Astrology - March 2011

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Consciousness and Awareness

Still the body, still the mind, still the voice inside, in silence, feel the stillness move, friends, this feeling, cannot be imagined

Kabir (15th century poet)

These days it feels as if we are permanently at the beginning of a new cycle. Change is happening around us and within us and we all seem to be continually evaluating what we are prepared to sacrifice and what we are not prepared to let go of. Actually, life is created as a result of tension between eternal opposites and we try to correct a problem by choosing a different way of thinking or acting. This is generally a temporary solution but in the process we become more conscious – mostly more conscious of whom we truly are and what we are here to do.

As we progress through these processes, the questions of meaning and purpose gain importance. It is essential to have an outer purpose but by grace and through the love from above, we one day sense that there is more – that we have an inner purpose. Our inner purpose is to awaken.

Awakening is a shift in consciousness in which our conscious thinking and our awareness separate: we become aware that we are conscious. Consciousness is our experience of our individuality and awareness underpins it.

Consciousness is the point where we as manifested beings intersect with the unmanifested - the world of magenta: magenta is love made manifest. The essence of Bottle 95, Archangel Gabriel, magenta/gold: ‘I am the Star you are. I join you to what you have been and will be. I am love from above made manifest.’ Using any of the bottles with light-full magenta brings consciousness to everything we do, allowing the doing itself to become the focal point of our attention, our doing becomes a channel through which consciousness enters this world. There is then quality in what we do, even in the simplest act such as watering the garden or washing the dishes. This embodies the magenta process in Aura-Soma.

Awareness serves as the backdrop for consciousness, it contains all, it is boundless. In a way it is similar to deep magenta: it contains the entire rainbow spiral of colour frequencies and spurs us on toward wholeness, it absorbs all colours so connecting us to the depths and heights at the centre of our being

Bottle 107

Bottle 107, Archangel Tzaphkiel, opalescent turquoise/deep magenta is a call from deeper realities and dimensions to raise the bar, so that 'Our humanity is transformed by the commingling of the human and the divine within us'. Mike Booth

Choosing magenta and deep magenta may mean that coupled with breath and meditation we could in time experience the culminating realisation that opens a deeper Knowing of our Source returning to our daily affairs with an awareness that stretches to infinity at one end and reflection on the other.

written by Marelna Du Plessis