ASIACT Astrology - December 2011

Heading underline

True purpose

look at spirit, how it fuses with earth, giving it new life, why are you so busy, with this or that or good or bad, pay attention to how things blend, why talk about all, the known and unknown, see how the unknown merges into the known


The moment our survival becomes of secondary importance, the question of meaning and finding our purpose becomes important: we awaken to the fact that life is passing us by, the emptiness of our stress-filled daily routines and our boredom with Doing. And a longing for an inner peace takes hold. In our search for peace we become more conscious of what instils in us a feeling of well being, and by becoming more conscious we are fulfilling our destiny.

Bottle 2

In Aura-Soma, Bottle 2 is called Peace - an all blue bottle. This bottle relates to The High Priestess in the Tarot and is positioned on the middle pillar, the Pillar of Equilibrium, on the Tree of Life. The High Priestess is disciplined and in control of the pull of opposites: she represents the Soul, the height of Divine perfection. Blue thus supports us to go beyond form, beyond our outer purpose to rest within our space-filled formlessness and to find our inner purpose. The inference is that by aligning self with our inner purpose, our true purpose, we find peace – a peace that passeth all understanding.

Bottle 20

There are twenty Equilibrium Bottles with blue as either of the fractions. Bottle 20, blue over pink is called The Star Child, a bottle that epitomises the blue process: ‘the communication of unconditional love, peace in the conscious mind, self-acceptance within the depths of the self.’ Equilibrium Keynotes, Mike Booth.

Bottle 80

Any bottle with a blue fraction could support us to unfold the greater purpose and meaning of our life – to go beyond the Self's basic needs for survival in our physical world. The Return Journey for the High Priestess falls on Bottle 80, Artemis, red/pink, its numerology holding many answers: 'The lemniscate upright, the symbol of eternity, and the zero of all potential; the cycles of motion and time (8) within eternity (0); the eightfold path of the Buddha teaches how to transcend the cycles and realise Existence'. Mike Booth

Essentially the archetype of the High Priestess teaches: Let the clouds of emotion pass and do not disturb the Centre for behold I am with you always. I am the breath of life breathed through you.

Through breath, by in breathing peace, by out breathing peace, we still the mind, light expands and the blue becomes pale blue. Through breath we come into the world, colour comes to the world as blue light.

Bottle 50

Through breath we become more peaceful and clarity emerges; now we can truly say: Thy will, not my will – keywords for Bottle 50, El Morya, pale blue/pale blue.

Bottle 60

Be still and know. (Bottle 60, Lao Tsu and Kwan Yin, blue/clear)

written by Marelna Du Plessis