ASIACT Astrology - November 2011

Heading underline

Individuation Revisited

Come to the edge. We might fall. Come to the edge. It's too high! COME TO THE EDGE And they came. and he pushed. and they flew

Christopher Logue

We are cosmic beings, expanding the frontiers of creation through expanding our consciousness. During the Age of Pisces we moved from self-consciousness to the consciousness of self - whereas now the emphasis is shifting to the consciousness of Self within a group or a community context. We seem to be experiencing the last throes of duality consciousness as we evolve into unity consciousness.

In the Age of Aquarius we still incarnate but no longer the result of bondage to material existence nor are we required to extinguish karma. Awareness is no longer centred in the individual as a separate being but is instead focussed on the relationship to the whole where we have a vital and unique function. We become able to shift our centre of consciousness from our Self to the Whole while retaining our identity as an integral member of the Whole. Essentially, the focus of our process of individuation is expanding.

In all kinds of surprising and, if we allow it, empowering ways we are coming to the initiates' edge: we are finding ourselves in an experience very different from what we could ever have imagined! Turquoise in Aura-Soma is about a continual renewal of self: every situation we find our self in is an inescapable challenge to create our self once again – ever closer to who we truly are. As the process of being the whole of you unfolds, you become clearer about your connection to the universe as a whole: we are each a part of everything.

Bottle 83, a gleaming turquoise/gold, is called Open Sesame, a magical incantation used in a folk tale 'Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves' that opens a door in the rock wall to reveal an illumined cave filled with treasures. 'Creative communication from the heart (turquoise) from the feeling side of the being may allow an opening to the contained treasure'. Aura-Soma Sourcebook. Mike Booth once offered a wonderfully explicit key phrase for this bottle: 'The understanding of the union within the self for the benefit of all'.

Bottle 9, The Heart within the Heart, turquoise/green is also known as The Crystal Cave. Our journey towards individuation begins in the crystal cave where we find the crystallised patterns of conditioning that hold what we perceive to be our identity, in place. Chipping away at our inner crystallisation is an arduous task and compels us to re-create ourselves many, many times. Again and again we are compelled to modify an old self, our heroic idealism, our entire belief system and deal with the inevitable grief we feel as our jailed-in self sufficiency is stripped away.

Herein lies our true creativity: using the magic of love (pink) to ever renew ourselves. And so there is a transmutation of the contents of self: The form remains the same, but the light that illumines the contents will be new.

Bottle 34

Bottle 34, The Birth of Venus, pink/turquoise teaches that 'When the pink energy makes a connection with the turquoise, there is a possibility of something new and very beautiful'. Aura-Soma Sourcebook

As we immerse ourselves in our process of individuation we connect with the universal sea of consciousness to be in the right place at the right time, spiralling peace back into the heart.

written by Marelna Du Plessis