ASIACT Astrology - October 2011

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Oneness of the Heart

When we understand us, our consciousness, we also understand the universe and the separation disappears

Amit Goswami, physicist

In the bigger scheme of things we are at the completion of one great cycle and the beginning of another – the full flowering of one round of creation and a dimensional shift into universal consciousness. We are experiencing the last throes of duality and the transition into unity consciousness. We’re moving into a time where time is not only money but time is art – the art to conjoin time and timelessness, to equally honour our separateness and our connectedness.

At a purely physical level we are separate beings. With the latest in measurement technology, Western science has now confirmed that everything is connected to everything else. If everything is connected it must be true that we have an effect on the present moment, on the outcome and on every being we've been before and every being we'll ever be. The question is then how we do this? Researchers isolated human DNA in a glass beaker and then exposed it to a powerful form of feeling they referred to as coherent emotion: specially designed mental and emotional self management techniques that mainly involved intentionally quieting the mind and shifting attention to the heart area while focussing on positive emotions. The results were undeniable: human emotion changed the shape of the DNA and, even more importantly different intentions produced different effects on the DNA molecules causing it to wind or unwind. Moreover, neither time nor distance had any effect – it happened in the same moment whether it were a metre or miles away.

Through our heart, through our e-motions we are participants in the universe. The heart is commonly viewed as the seat of the emotions. In Latin, emotions were described as 'motus anima', meaning literally 'the spirit that moves us'.

Bottle 72

Within the rainbow of our being, green refers to the energy field surrounding the heart and in Aura-Soma relates to a sense of direction, spaciousness and panoramic awareness. In Aura-Soma there are eighteen bottles with green in one of the fractions. Green is a secondary colour made up of primaries blue and yellow and there are three blue and yellow bottles that shake up as emerald green, two royal blue and gold bottles and even Bottle 72, Pagliacci, orange/blue shakes up as deep emerald green.

Bottle 53

Any of these bottles could support us to find the courage to discover our own direction as part of a greater whole and to find 'a sense of spaciousness and awareness that enables us to expand our view to the perspective of others, to see that which we had not previously been able to see from our own perspective'. The New Aura-Soma Tarot, Hilarion, Bottle 53, Pale Green/Pale Green. Through this heartfelt, compassionate outlook, through focussing on cooperation and solution we participate in creation.

Bottle 10

The act of focussing our consciousness in a non-judgemental way is an act of creation: consciousness creates – there are no other causes that create our lives, that create ups and downs or even war and peace bar our own consciousness. Mike Booth once described the essence of Bottle 10, Go Hug a Tree, green/green – the bottle that relates to the Wheel of Fortune in the Tarot – as 'I offer you the wisdom to find true peace. Leave behind your merry-go-round of incarnations, up and down, around and around. Seek deep within your heart for the truth of being. I am time and space'.

Bottle 88
Bottle 3
Bottle 87
Bottle 89

The Return Journey of The Wheel of Fortune is Bottle 88, green/blue, Jade Emperor, the upside down version of the Heart Bottle, Bottle 3, blue/green. The two bottles that flank this bottle is Bottle 87, Love Wisdom, pale coral/pale coral - a bottle that messages that we go beyond the refection of self and Bottle 89, Energy Rescue/Time Shift, red/deep magenta: A time shift, a gateway to a new understanding and a new possibility toward enthusiastic well-being. (Keynote to Bottle 89).

'Look at the night sky, see the green woodlands. Look within, yet enter life fully to experience all the dimensions of all that is. To realise the truth of the heart'. Mike Booth describing the essence of Bottle 88, green/blue.

written by Marelna Du Plessis