ASIACT Astrology - July 2010

Heading underline


Your heart is a sun -
Joy its stars
Faith a man, shining in your darkness...

Terry Guillemets

Within our deep inner knowing we are aware of the spiral of evolution and how far we’ve come: now is the time to experience the joy and contentment of a job well done, to celebrate. So often we emphasise where we do not live up to our own standards, forgetting to celebrate our soul success: when we have managed to express ourselves so well, when we have been able to trust our self so much that we are able to trust others...

Gold on the colour rose lies between primary yellow (the joy of understanding) and secondary orange (experiencing bliss) carrying some of the messages of both: gold brings understanding to fullness and a deep confidence that there is a connection with heaven that cannot be lost and the possibility to celebrate arises. 'Now is the time to let go, to breathe into the golden area of the body, to sink into the Star, and allow its wisdom and joy to express itself through us.' Mike Booth

Bottle 90

There are fourteen bottles with gold as one of the fractions that could support us to celebrate, to be certain of our intrinsic wholeness. A key phrase for Bottle 90, Wisdom Rescue, gold/deep magenta is: Wisdom and deep joy, doing the ordinary things in an extra-ordinary way; the joy of certainty.

Bottle 41

When we allow ourselves the time to celebrate, our consciousness and confidence grows and we are able to move forward with a fuller sense of self. Bottle 41, The Wisdom Bottle or El Dorado, gold /gold is aligned with the ten of cups in the Tarot. The ten of cups represents the gold at the end of the rainbow: abundance, wealth and success. The family depicted in the Aura-Soma tarot are celebrating by playing together, raising their arms in joyful reunion with the cosmos.

Bottle 73

Bottle 73, Chang Tsu, gold/clear relates to the six of discs, signifying exuberant generosity and sharing at all levels – our gifts, our wisdom, our laughter, our irresistibility. To be aware of our resources generates our generosity and the possibility to manifest the basic universal law: what is given freely comes back two-fold.

Bottle 31

Bottle 31, The Fountain, green/gold echoes this message as does the corresponding tarot card: the six of wands. This bottle speaks of a conscious connection between our heart (green) and our Incarnational Star (gold) – consciousness is raised up into the heart from where it radiates in an increasingly powerful and balanced flow of energy. The card then also depicts the heroic soul riding back in jubilation to his community to celebrate with his peers.

Bottle 97

The sweet fullness of celebration brings with it a sense of community as it is naturally expansive and inclusive: we revel with our friends and rejoice with our team. It is as if by celebrating all lost bonding is restored and we more deeply understand our feeling relationship with the world. Bottle 97, Archangel Uriel, gold/royal blue represents the return journey of The Sun in the Tarot and supports 'a coherence between our Essence and our communication with the world; a deep peace that goes beyond understanding begins to arise within'. Mike Booth

The Sun represents the soul’s appearance in all its radiance.

Celebration lends its energy to raising consciousness about what is yet to be done, a joyous explosion of appreciation and spiritual comprehension.

Anywhere is paradise - it’s up to you.

written by Marelna Du Plessis