ASIACT Astrology - April 2010

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The physical world, including our bodies, is a response of the observer. We create our bodies as we create the experience of our world

Deepak Chopra

Very often in life when confronted with a problem, we choose an opposite action or thinking pattern as solution. The result, however, is invariably temporary and usually our next step is to slowly and incompletely detach ourselves; we retreat from the dilemma we face combined with an intense desire to rise above the fray.

Red in Aura-Soma stimulates the dawning of the light - a shift in consciousness in which thinking and awareness separate, waking the inner observer and making it possible to witness all that occurs upon the stage of our self – the noble, the ignoble and the magnificent. Any of the thirteen bottles with red as a fraction could support us to retreat from untruth, to remove the concepts or beliefs that oppose our true direction and temporarily adopt new ones until we can move forward again with improved intuition.

Bottle 5

Bottle 5, Sunrise/Sunset Bottle, yellow/red is allied to the base chakra; within this chakra is the possibility of awakening the kundalini force – a force sometimes referred to as the source of light within the body.

Bottle 83

The darkest time of the night is just before the mystery and the colour of sunrise generously yet gently spills across the earth – as William Blake wrote: ‘Colours are the wounds of light.’ Watching the sunrise reconnects us with our fecund kinship with Mother Earth; using the powerful combination of Bottle 5, connects us with the wisdom of our body/mind, opens the portal to the higher mind and ultimately grants us access to our essence. A true Open Sesame experience, the name of Bottle 83, turquoise/gold – in the Aura-Soma set of Tarot cards, the Return Journey of The Hierophant and Bottle 5.

This bottle supports the unfolding of our innate wisdom (gold) to get in touch with our core being. Our fluctuating moods and attitudes are overcome by awakening the curious observer, to watch our self without judgement or comment: curiosity is the antidote to resistance. We cannot resist the evolution of self when we are curious and watching.

Bottle 23

As consciousness floods our being, the red turns to rose pink. Bottle 23, rose pink/pink is called Love and Light: 'These colours are an awakening combination that shed love and light on the darkest corners of the mind...' – the mind that so easily outwits the anterior, observing self. (Aura-Soma Sourcebook)

Bottle 23 aligns with the King of Wands in the Tarot. The King of Fire is not merely impulse, restlessness and fresh ideas but also possesses the steady power to manifest his vision. He is able to turn his internal head away from distracting thoughts and to focus on those ideas that he voluntarily chooses to admit.

Bottle 81

Right use of mind engenders more awareness and the rose pink lightens to pink. Bottle 81, Unconditional Love, pink/pink represents another level of the very feminine Empress in the array of twenty-two archetypes of the Tarot. Unconditional love (pink) is not about sacrifice but allowing others the space (green) to be who they are and accepting ourselves for who we are without abandoning our search for truth (green). Pink expresses itself through green: love is expressed through the heart.

Bottle 3

Bottle 3, Heart Bottle, blue/green is not only the outward journey of the Empress but also suggests the feminine aspect of the Earth implying that our grounded observer is able to extend our awareness to serve as honest, trusting mirrors for others: unconditionality in action, no less!

Bottle 52

We are able to maintain our vulnerability to grace and the pink lightens to pale pink. Bottle 52, Lady Nada, pale pink/pale pink holds the promise of being jettisoned past the mind into pure awareness – able to effortlessly engage the inner observer. In the Tarot lady Nada elegantly represents the Queen of Swords, the Queen of the element air, the breath of spirit which conceived the idea of creation before it is made manifest.

'I am love. I bring total surrender in love of all that you may become who you are.' Mike Booth on the Essence of Lady Nada.

written by Marelna Du Plessis