ASIACT Astrology - December 2010

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The Power of Choice

We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them.

Kahlil Gibran

The blue energy is the primary of primaries, the basis from which all other colours arise. The way colour comes into the world is as blue light and nestled within it are the concepts of duality and paradox so familiar to our blue planet. The blue energy can represent the male authority and the female nurturing, the conscious mind and the conscious heart, the outer and the inner, the polarity and its container.

Bottle 2

Bottle 2, Peace Bottle, blue/blue relates to The High Priestess in the Tarot and is positioned on the middle pillar, Pillar of Equilibrium, on the tree of life. She is disciplined and in control of the pull of opposites: she represents the Soul, the height of Divine perfection. Blue thus extends the promise that we are able to penetrate the veil, to go beyond form and follow the flow of spirit.

Our contribution is to become a natural authority on who we truly are and to take responsibility for our own consciousness. Within our own framework we are not rule bound. We are learning how to deal with each situation with a flexible approach that allows us to choose the most resourceful way to be within that situation.

When we choose a four-bottle selection our deeper self is responding to the frequencies of colour: we bypass the social and cultural filter of our left brain as we know there can be no ‘wrong’ choice – we only need to interpret the messages which could only be for our own good. Perhaps we could extend this method of choice to everything we do.

Bottle 8

Bottle 8, Anubis, yellow/blue is very significant in Aura-Soma (numerologically ‘Aura-Soma’ adds up to 26=8). The Egyptian God, Anubis guards the threshold of the otherworld: he metes out justice according to how much and what the deceased did to lighten his heart during his stay on earth: it is not what we do but how we choose to do it! Anubis’s ‘reward or punishment is exact. I could choose none better than that which you choose for yourself. As you grow in wisdom so you will understand and trust your inner voice. The secret lies in the heart, which belongs to the soul.’ The essence of this bottle as once described by Mike Booth

Bottle 86

The Return Journey of Anubis or Justice falls to Bottle 86, Oberon, King of the Fairies. The clear over the turquoise in this bottle suggests that making clear choices from our heart brings us directly into contact with the subtle realms and onto our path of individuation – such is the power of choice.

The blue supports us to take responsibility for creating our own reality, responding to the world based on the outcomes and choosing what we want rather than on whatever rules we were taught. We accept that we (and others) are kind and selfish, sensitive and tough, strong and gentle, open and guarded. The key note for Bottle 50, pale blue/pale blue, called El Morya is ‘I will that Thy Will be done through me’. Becoming more flexible emotionally we are able to choose wisely and flow more easily with what we are experiencing: we become more attuned to our inner voice, our higher self.

We cut these numerous windings in our destinies daily with our own hands, while we imagine that we are pursuing a track on the royal high road of respectability and duty, and then complain of those ways being so intricate and so dark. We stand bewildered before the mystery of our own making, and the riddles of life that we will not solve, and then accuse the great Sphinx of devouring us

Helen Blavatsky

written by Marelna Du Plessis