ASIACT Astrology - November 2010

Heading underline

Life within life

Consciousness is only possible where there is the interplay of duality

J. J. Dewey

We arrive on this planet of duality into our chosen social cultural environment and armed with our genetic inheritance. Within this framework we firmly establish our core concepts of who we think we are. Yet we are so much more than that with which we identify – be it our name, occupation, personal history or even our set of beliefs. Knowing our self deeply has little to do with what we have been conditioned to believe who we are. And yet by juxtaposing our conditioned responses with who we truly are, we become ever more conscious.

Although we are living within this time-space continuum of separateness and duality, we are spirit and part of a world where everything is interconnected and in which every event has its necessary place and function within the totality. Each of us is a gossamer light-being, fragile within the density of our physicality. Mike Booth. Embracing both levels at the same time is now our challenge and any of the fourteen bottles with a turquoise fraction could provide the glue to make this possible.

Turquoise in Aura-Soma is there to support us to connect the intellectual to the spiritual, the world of duality with the world of total interconnectedness.

This gleaming oceanic colour is made up of primary blue and secondary green. As green is a combination of blue and yellow, it follows that turquoise is in fact blue (trust and faith) with a touch of yellow (mindfulness of self). Any one of the bottles with turquoise as a fraction can thus support us to have faith in the fact that we are participants in the unfolding of a higher order. The more conscious we become, the more rooted we are in our Being, the closer we live in harmony with our true program.

Bottle 9

Vicky Wall, the founder of Aura-Soma writes in her book, Aura-Soma, Self-discovery through Colour that Equilibrium bottle 9, turquoise/green, the first bottle with a turquoise fraction, would through the cybernetics of the soul, direct the physical and mental, in complete harmony, into their true program.

Regular use of a bottle with a turquoise fraction could re-mind us that we are actually spirit and support us to remain non-reactive and accepting when we are unexpectedly immersed in challenging situations. Bottle 75, Go With The Flow, magenta/turquoise stimulates ‘a sense of synchronicity, a recognition of being in harmony with how things are unfolding moment to moment. There is the trust to allow life to unfold as it sees best.’ Workbook for 72 Angels, a course offered by Mike Booth.

Acceptance of a universal plan moves us out of a mindset of comparison and of proving ourselves in any way. Bottle 85, Titania, turquoise/clear represents the Return Journey of The Chariot as depicted in the Tarot and supports ‘The wisdom of acceptance and the reality of change: positive change is inevitable. Even in the midst of chaotic conditions your highest good will not be forgotten.’ Having integrated the conflicts, the charioteer stands centred within himself.

Trust the process.

written by Marelna Du Plessis