ASIACT Astrology - October 2010

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I am the way, and the truth and the life

John 14:6

Green is made up of the primaries blue (sky) and yellow (sun) and in an Aura-Soma sense is representative of the heart, of becoming the observer and overseeing the true nature of our earthly existence.

There are eighteen equilibrium bottles with green as one of the fractions. Any of these bottles may assist us to find our way through the quagmire of our social and cultural conditioning and so evolve towards the truth of our true self.

Our actions can reflect the truth or it can reflect illusion and it follows that when we find the truth we can align our self with it. And the easiest way to align ourselves with anything is to understand it better: to put it into words. Truth can be put into words but that is not it – words only point to the truth. The Buddhists say: 'The finger pointing at the moon is not the moon'; in the same way thoughts at best point to the truth.

Each one of us is truth, the heartwood of our very being is the truth. Getting in touch with that dimension within ourselves, with our core being, brings us into contact with the oneness of all life. And this is love. No wonder Vicky Wall refers to the green/green bottle called Go Hug a Tree as ‘a centraliser’ that ‘gives space for the mind to travel’.

Bottle 10

Bottle 10, this green/green bottle, represents the archetypal phase in the Tarot referred to as the Wheel of Fortune. Behind the wheel and the apparently random turns of luck, chance or accident there is an intelligent and orderly plan, a truth of which we are a part. Green helps us to see through the seeming disorder of everyday life, past our illusions and into the underlying divine order – a space from where we are more able to decide where our destiny lies.

Bottle 88

The image of the Wheel evokes memories of the moving panorama of life which we encounter yet the hub remains still at the centre, a constant and unchanging essence or truth. The Return Journey of this archetypal phase is reflected in Bottle 88, Jade Emperor, green/blue, a molten combination of perception and will to support us to choose wisely, to make decisions in alignment with our deeper, truthful self. Mike Booth once described the essence of this bottle: 'Look at the night sky, see the green woodlands. Look within, yet enter life truly to experience all the dimensions of all that is; to realise the truth of the heart.'

Being right is often confused for the truth: being right means that we need to make others wrong in order to get a stronger sense of who we are. Even when we want to defend a simple statement of truth such as that the earth is round, we are defending our self – or at least the self we think we are. The truth needs no defence: we need no defence. The moment we believe we are right, we strengthen our illusion of separateness.

Bottle 21

When we feel cut off from life, from who we are, from the truth within, using any bottle with a green fraction could support a sense of wholeness by allowing some warring parts within ourselves to at last come together instilling a sense of balance and peace. Bottle 21, New Beginning for Love, green/pink, teaches that when we love our core self wholly, we are whole, complete and fulfilled in purpose.

Bottle 99

The Return Journey for the World (which Bottle 21 represents) is Bottle 99, Archangel Tzadkiel, pale olive/pale pink. This bottle signifies the last step this time round in the Fool’s journey: a journey of discovery through the opposites of our Being - conscious and unconscious hand in hand. We are increasingly able to be there as the witnessing presence, living truth and ultimately free.

A truth when one gives oneself the space to be able to see oneself as one is. The wisdom that comes through the search. The ability to make the appropriate decisions in relation to one’s life purpose. To be able to find the appropriate direction that will take one where one needs to be.

The extended keynotes for Bottle 63, Djwal Khul and Hilarion, Emerald Green/Pale Green.

written by Marelna Du Plessis