ASIACT Astrology - January 2010

Heading underline

Inner Authority

The conviction of the senses often shuts the door to the realities of being

Lloyd Meeker

As a young child no separation exists between the sense of self, which includes the numinous presence of love at the core of self, the outer world and the people in it. When the heart of the child is wounded, we withdraw and close-over our connection to our inner presence. Not able to grow naturally into our spiritual heritage, we inherit the conditioning of society and, more often than not, the conviction that fulfilment is to be found from an outer source of some kind, be it material possessions, intellectual achievement, career goals, or whatever.

Being cut off from our inner source we experience a spiritual hunger which we hope, somewhat against hope, that the outer world will feed. Our bottom-line wound is our feeling of separation from our spiritual source. This creates fear and to assuage the fear we may consume more, achieve more creating layers of defence and pretence to both protect and hide our fragmented, fragile sense of self: an inner powerlessness prevails.

Bottle 96

Royal blue in an Aura-Soma sense represents the possibility of empowering us to honour our innermost essence and as such our connection to the Source. One of the gifts of the Archangel Raphael represented in Bottle 96, royal blue/royal blue is to support us to reclaim our insight and soul clarity so as to cut through appearances; in time a feeling of contentment and an inner peace takes hold.

Applying the contents of any of the six bottles with royal blue as a fraction could be an incredible resource in our quest for reclaiming wholeness: the acceptance and peace of the royal blue allows our witness to emerge and moves us into a self sovereignty from where we are able to trust our heart and let go of outer roles to give us importance. Samsara may become nirvana.

Bottle 47

Bottle 47, The Old Soul Bottle, royal blue/lemon yellow shakes up as green, the colour of our heart space, from where we connect to the inner realms of our higher mind function. It is from the deep beating signal and conviction of the feminine heart, that we are enabled to move from the personal to the transpersonal – to become part of a greater whole and effortlessly fulfil our spiritual purpose. 'The discipline is to keep being present to what is happening, to what is going on within and without or in between.' Mike Booth

Bottle 32

Bottle 32, Sophia, royal blue/gold combines two tertiary colours opposite each other on the Aura-Soma colour rose bringing the entire continuum of healing to bear on patterns within the royal blue to do with authority, intimidation and manipulation. 'The combination of the penetrative insight of the royal blue and the wisdom of the gold may help us be aware of our own truth.' Aura-Soma Sourcebook. This bottle also shakes together as green underlining that our truth and our love live in our heart where our inner authority resides: our heart knows and is filled with love instead of fear, doubt and hesitancy.

The intention of the frequency within royal blue is essentially quite simple: it offers loving encouragement to mature spiritually and to take responsibility for contributing our unique aspect of divinity to the world.

We are blessed and can bless.

written by Marelna Du Plessis