ASIACT Astrology - September 2009

Heading underline

Reclaiming Soul

We are all framed of flaps and patches and of so shapeless and diverse a texture that every piece and every moment playeth its part


The olive green is situated on the middle ground of the body: the middle ground between spirit and matter, between mind and body, between heart and solar plexus. Ficino, a 15th century Renaissance philosopher, writes about soul '...It contains in itself all the middles of things and is thus nearest to each. It is connected to all things, in the middle of these things that are distant from each other, for they are not distant from it.'

We are participating in a paradigm shift during which we are retrieving the connection between body and mind, matter and spirit. When these are not intimately connected, we find a certain disdain for matter, body, the feminine and history and we place high value on spirit, progress, abstraction and the future.

Bottle 91

Any bottle with an olive fraction supports us to connect to our soul which favours attachment, complexity, otherness, meandering and depth. Bottle 91, Feminine Leadership of the Heart, olive/olive relates to the return journey of the Tarot card, Death, and emphasises that during a process of intense change, we first go the feminine, soulful route.

This bottle reminds us that love brings up everything unlike itself for the purpose of healing: the initial stage of transformation is not a time for quick answers, sure bets and minimal effort. It is about sitting in a space filled with discomfort and unease, finding the gold buried within it, to find the soul’s needs within the symptom.

The ego’s needs are not necessarily the soul’s needs and truly engaging with our four-bottle choice, telling stories about the mythological figures and playing with the images that arise are activities that salvage soul. This is a process that supports us to develop trust in the process of life and hope for the future.

Bottle 92Bottle 93

Bottle 92 and 93, Gretel and Hansel, came into being as a pair – the only bottles in the entire range to do so. Hansel and Gretel cooperate by following Gretel’s plan to outwit the witch and they are free again to play in the woods. Bottle 92, Gretel, pale coral/olive green supports us to trust our intuition so that we may overcome the soulless greed, susceptibility to temptation and the forces of malice. In this story we are introduced to the middle ground of interdependence and cooperation.

Bottle 99

By recapturing soul in our life we are able to go to a new level of self acceptance and, as Bottle 99, Archangel Tzadkiel, pale olive green/pink messages, we can take another step towards reawakening the sacred in our everyday life, our purpose in the world.

Bottle 106

Bottle 106, Archangel Raziel, misty pale olive/misty pale violet teaches that life is an alchemical process and with presence, consciousness and a soft focus, change and transformation occur in a natural and peaceful way.

written by Marelna Du Plessis