ASIACT Astrology - August 2009

Heading underline

The Incredible Lightness of Being

There is a moment in every life when the human ego recognises itself, when the infant merged with the mother, begins to realise itself as a separate entity. This may be a shocking discovery, but there is also a measure of wonder and joy when there dawns an understanding: I am! The bright, yellow light radiating from the solar plexus reflects this magical mind power.

And yet we cannot be otherwise than at one with everything: everything in the universe is connected in a giant matrix of spirit and matter. Yellow in an Aura-Soma sense is about letting go of the fear and experiencing the joy of understanding the paradox that although we are physically separate beings, in spirit we are one with everything. That’s why we call the discovery of who we truly are self-realisation: we come to realise what is already true.

Bottle 7

Bottle 7, The Final Test of Faith, yellow/green opens the door to a world of victory, the triumph of spirit over matter, of trusting the process of life. The essence of this bottle reads: I give knowledge and wisdom, the acceptance to trust the process of life. I bring joy to your heart when you trust in me. Life is for mastery, not to be mastered by. Mike Booth

The consciousness of a separate self brings with it a responsibility to discriminate, to make choices. Responsibility as a word could be read as 'the ability to respond' (to not react). We need to place ourselves in the present moment to respond appropriately, to make choices congruent with our immediate reality and with our higher purpose. In this moment the energy flows freely through our centre and we become an intermediary between that which is above and that which is below.

And so, out of the seven comes the eight - an upright lemniscate - implying flowing energy, movement in eternal harmony.

Bottle 8

Bottle 8, Anubis, blue/yellow is particularly significant in Aura-Soma: the Egyptian God, Anubis, is the gatekeeper to the otherworld. He measured the weight of the heart against the weight of the feathers of those who wished to pass. The fewer feathers needed to counterbalance the heart, the more we are able to retain for our wings. Our wings metaphorically relate to the lightness of our being. Through finding peace (blue) within ourselves, we can overcome our judgements and fears (yellow) and experience the lightness of our being.

Any one of the thirteen bottles with yellow as a fraction supports us to integrate our mind and our intuition: to consciously evaluate each situation in the moment and to instinctively know exactly what to do and how to respond in order to gain the most resourceful outcome, both for ourselves and others.

We become the author and the artist. We watch as we play our part in the greater whole and marvel at the complexity, the infinite permutations, the certainties and uncertainties. Sometimes our part entails being emotional - that is being human. But whatever our frame of mind, we experience an underlying peace of mind, an underlying effortless joy, an incredible lightness of being.

written by Marelna Du Plessis