ASIACT Astrology - July 2009

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Star Stuff

Attired with stars, we shall forever sit,
Triumphing over Death, and Chance, and thee, O Time

John Milton

Our sense of who we are determines what we perceive we need and what matters to us in our life. How deep we are willing to go to find out who we truly are is the question as depth here means nearness to centre. One of our greatest challenges is to meet our willingness and our readiness to reach centre.

It is the test of the midnight Sun – to reach the midnight Sun, one must first forgo the warmth of the surface Sun, breaking through into the centre of self. Centre is reached by seeking our own depth of being – the core of our own emptiness, our own 'no-thingness'. Through this void, the creative power of the Universe speaks.

This living centre, our pure gold of being, lies deep within our belly in the golden area of our body. The golden area of the self contains the true aura, the Hara where the Incarnational Star and our individual programme is to be found.

Gold in an Aura-Soma sense is about 'stepping into the Incarnational Star and the possibility of deep joy unfolding as a consequence of being in synchronicity with Existence'. Mike Booth

Gold is a tertiary colour made up of primary yellow (mind and individual will) and secondary orange (the insight and persistence to find bliss) carrying some of the messages of both: consciously dedicating our self to going beyond gravitation, we touch the eternal space within – our inner gold.

Bottle 14

Using any of the fourteen Equilibrium bottles that have gold as a fraction could support us to plumb the depths of our self – to get to know and value our self for who we truly are. The keynote for Bottle 14, Wisdom in the New Aeon, clear/gold: Getting in touch with wisdom so that clarity may unfold. 'B14 shows us the wisdom (gold) and clarity (clear) we need to discover who we really are, our "inner self", helping us find freedom through recognising our inner wisdom.' Aura-Soma Sourcebook

Once we reach our centre, we are able to connect with our heart and our belly wisdom can flow freely – in finding our own stillness at the centre of our being, the soul wisdom becomes available.

Bottle 31

'The green over gold combination, a beautiful oil, represents the decision and the wisdom to choose rightly, bringing in the material, physical, and spiritual, all of which are necessary to the onward march of function and being.' Vicky Wall on Bottle 31, The Fountain. The Light grows brighter through the right efforts being made.

Bottle 97

When we choose Bottle 97, The Archangel Uriel, gold/royal blue, we begin to see our true essence revealed as this bottle represents the return journey of the Sun: the ancient wisdom spontaneously reveals itself as we centre our self in the golden area of our body.

This bottle shakes up as emerald and lies at the heart of our Being: it links our purpose to the Earth and her planetary grid. When we breathe into the gold, our heart opens and the earth heals. A deep peace arises: 'Peace is emptiness, an emptiness that is so filled with holy energy that it does not need to be expressed. It is the emptiness that says I have no need, that allows for the experience of Oneness.' Connie Kaplan

written by Marelna Du Plessis