ASIACT Astrology - April 2009

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When the power of love replaces the love of power, then we begin our journey of awakening


For thousands of years the driving forces for our creation of reality have been our emotions, associated with the element of water and our beliefs and intellectual capacity linked to the air element. We are rapidly moving into a new age of compassion, interdependence and harmony, reconnecting to a grid that has been awaiting our remembering. This grid, the icosidodecahedron, reflects the element of ether.

The element ether is the neutral space that allows the free movement of all the other elements; within ether there can be a fusion of the polarities without the separation into darkness and light, good and bad and even spirit and matter. Within this context each end of the spectrum, the yin and the yang, can be accepted as another expression of the same essence.

Using any of the thirteen bottles with red as a fraction could support us to remain a little detached so that we are able to find a balance between the spiritual and the physical world. Red in an Aura-Soma sense is integrating our divinity and our earthliness so that we may find a focus that involves both.

Bottle 55

Bottle 55, The Christ, clear/red represents the light coming to the earth plane (red) and 'is a symbolic representation of how the Divine comes into every aspect of materiality......The Christ is the reconciling force, reconciling the polarities within ourselves, particularly that between the light, which is above us, drawing us away from the earth, and the earth itself, which continually binds us toward the material.' The Aura-Soma Sourcebook

Bottle 55 can bring our energy into the light, helping us to accept who we are with a sense of watchful detachment (shaking clear and red together forms pink, the colour of self-acceptance).

Bottle 52

Bringing light or consciousness to red turns it into pink. The moment we awaken to our self as the consciousness behind our thinking, we access the element ether, a spaciousness within our self – a spaciousness in which the poles of existence start to fuse and we gradually become aligned with the evolutionary impulse of the universe. An inner knowing arises that we are all part of a greater whole and that what we do to others, we do to our self. Our primary purpose is now to enable consciousness to flow into our daily actions. 'The body thereby can come to a state of being more conscious, more whole, and more able to grow spiritually through love.' Aura-Soma Sourcebook on Bottle 52, Lady Nada, pale pink/pale pink.

Not what we do but how we do it becomes the focal point of our attention: our state of consciousness out of which our aims or our actions are born, becomes the most important. Our doing then becomes a channel through which consciousness flows into the world.

Awaken to the warmth you carry.

written by Marelna Du Plessis