ASIACT Astrology - December 2009

Heading underline

Beyond Duality

Now is the time to understand
That all your ideas of right and wrong
Were just a child’s training wheels
To be laid aside
When you can finally live
With veracity
And love


The blue energy is the primary of primaries, the basis from which all other colour arises. The way colour comes into the world is as blue light and nestled within it are the concepts of duality and paradox so familiar to our blue planet. The blue energy can represent the male authority and the female nurturing, the conscious mind and the conscious heart, the outer and the inner, the polarity and its container, 'To be or not to be......'.

Bottle 2

Bottle 2, Peace Bottle, blue/blue relates to The High Priestess in the Tarot and is positioned on the middle pillar, Pillar of Equilibrium, on the tree of life. She is disciplined and in control of the pull of opposites: she represents the Soul, the height of Divine perfection. Blue thus extends the promise that we are able to penetrate the veil, to go beyond form and follow the flow of spirit.

The nature of mind is to perceive duality, sending us on a quest for greater understanding. Being at the mercy of the world of duality and paradox imprisons the heart, rendering it not fully available for expression. Our core motivation is thus finding the true self within the quagmire of conditioning and ancestral patterns and so freeing the deep urgings of our heart.

Bottle 3

Bottle 3, Heart Bottle/Atlantean Bottle, blue/green is about expressing our feelings (green) and communicating (blue) these peacefully. The heart realm is the medium of connection with others and this bottle supports us to feel a greater sense of oneness with others. Blue then goes beyond individual fulfilment: we cannot really participate in the collective nature of our times until we are aware of the inherent oneness that exists between us. And we cannot know the oneness till our own hearts are freed.

Any of the twenty bottles with blue as a fraction could support us to truly understand, to bring more clarity to the mind so that peace takes hold and we become more able to forge a fresh relationship between the analytical rational (mind) and the nurturing intuitive (heart).

To understand is indeed to 'stand under' - to find oneself at the centre of the earth, the point toward which all human feet and all vegetable roots are directed and which sustains all: a place of ‘no thing’, of emptiness from where the peace that passeth all understanding originates. From here we are able to embrace all experience without the constraints of duality, without labels of good or bad, right or wrong.

In this act of removing self from the wheel of birthing, loving and dying, we are able to jump beyond our shadow, so to speak, and embark on our journey of healing our heart. Trusting our deepest desires we are able to follow our blueprint to live a harmonious, balanced existence.

One heart, one way.

written by Marelna Du Plessis