ASIACT Astrology - October 2009

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The Wisdom of the Heart

And now here is my secret, a very simple secret; it is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye

Antoine Saint-Exupery

Within the rainbow of our being, the colour green refers to the energy field surrounding our heart. Green is a secondary colour made up of the primaries blue and yellow: combining the higher will with our individual will, the joy of our inner life force with faith and trust, we experience the harmony within our heart.

With the latest in measurement technology, Western science is now exploring the possibility that the human heart contains its own intelligence independent from the brain that can be a source of guidance for our individual lives and for realising our collective potential.

The heart is commonly viewed as the seat of the emotions. In Latin, emotions were described as 'motus anima', meaning literally 'the spirit that moves us'. Any of the eighteen bottles with green as a fraction could support us to build our capacity to manage our emotional arena and obtain greater mental clarity (panoramic awareness) for more effective decision-making and problem solving.

Bottle 31

The combination of green and gold in Bottle 31, The Fountain, addresses the three levels of our being: the intellectual brain, the emotional brain and the instinctual brain and the fountain of energy flowing from one to the other. The true aura resides in the golden area and using the contents of this bottle can support us to combine the truth of our heart with the wisdom of our belly. 'Space to find the wisdom within the depths of yourself is the fulfilment of the direction of the conscious mind'. Mike Booth

The heart has the most powerful energetic field in the body that not only permeates every other part of our body, but radiates outwards and can now be measured up to ten feet away. Scientists have also found that the energetic information in the heart waves of one person is detectable in the brain waves of another when they touch: we shift and resonate with others as they do with us.

When two wave forms flow together the resulting wave has the same frequency but increased amplitude, meaning increased power and depth. Strengthening the heart by using a bottle with a green fraction could strengthen heartfelt collective intent: the amplified heart resonance in groups can perhaps align us with yet greater energetic forces in the universe listening for messages that might help us live together more effectively than we seem to have been able to do with our brains solely in charge.

Silence creates an opportunity to listen to our hearts and the messages these may be conveying individually and in resonance with other hearts. Using the green supports us to create the space where we are able to hear (a word encapsulated in ‘heart’) the amplification of another voice, a voice beyond the human one; the voice of nature, the collective voice.

To Aristotle the heart was the seat of the soul. Let your heart look around: are you communicating from your heart? Are you creating in or destroying the world given to you? Our hearts hold the answers.

The heart has its reasons, which reason does not know


written by Marelna Du Plessis