ASIACT Astrology - January 2009

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The Music of the Spheres

It is the Voice of the Whole, of which one begins to realise that one is a tiny little part – yet a significant part, for every note of the universal Chord has its place and its ineradicable meaning

Dane Rudhyar

Royal blue in an Aura-Soma sense provides the link between our inner and our outer purpose, between Being and doing.

Royal blue is a tertiary colour made up of primary blue and secondary violet; as violet is the mix of red and blue it follows that royal blue is a large component of blue with a drop of red. Red is the colour of physicality; pink results from light being added to red and suggests consciousness brought to physicality. It is the pink in royal blue that creates the possibility of separating our thinking and our awareness.

'Becoming mindful of your physicality is a prerequisite of developing your quality of consciousness.' Mike Booth, teaching a course called 'Listening to the Star Within'. Our physicality is rooted in time, our consciousness is rooted within our inner sphere.

Any of the six bottles with Royal Blue as one of the fractions helps us to go beyond time. We are not referring here to clock time that we use to make appointments or plan trips, we are speaking of psychological time which is the mind’s way of either catapulting us into the past so that we react in the present from a perspective warped by past experiences frozen in time OR seeking the fullness of life in the future where it cannot be found. In fact, it compels us to ignore the only point of access to the present moment – the only place where consciousness is able to enter the world.

Bottle 47

Bottle 47, royal blue/ lemon yellow is called The Old Soul Bottle. Lemon yellow represents a sharp intellect, which can be bittersweet as it may take us into an endless spiral of thought; the royal blue supports the penetrating mind to integrate our higher mind, our intuition. This allows us to get in touch with true clarity, unhampered by our hackneyed assumptions and outworn habit patterns.

'The royal blue and lemon shake together as emerald green. The emerald qualities may be expressed as a new possibility for humankind.' Mike Booth with Carol McKnight, The Aura-Soma Sourcebook.

When we negate clock time, we negate the ego: our doing becomes our Being, our doing then becomes a channel through which consciousness enters the world.

While our inner purpose is to remain present, our outer purpose involves future, but it is always secondary. Whenever we become stressed or anxious, outer purpose takes precedence and inner purpose is lost.

Using any bottle with royal blue supports peace to descend – a peace that goes beyond understanding - and the balance between outer and inner purpose, between yang and yin, is restored. Although yang and yin are associated with masculine and feminine, they represent a pulsation of energy beyond gender.

The rhythm of breath provides a fitting analogy: both the in-and the out-breath is equally important in the cycle of creation. The depth and the duration of the out-breath depends on the quality of the in-breath. The more the feminine is denied, the more limited the expression of the masculine and vice versa.

Bottle 96

No wonder the keynote for Bottle 96, royal blue/royal blue, Archangel Raphael is: To bring the creative possibility of conception into form. Clarity in relation to the higher energetic of being.

As we get in touch with our innermost essence, we recognise our note in the universal Chord; we become one with life, one with the totality and the totality acts through us.

written by Marelna Du Plessis