ASIACT Astrology - September 2008

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The crisis must be won by being lived. The rose ever blooms at the centre of the cross

Dane Rudhyar

Consciousness is already conscious; it is timeless, was never born and does not die. And yet when consciousness becomes the manifested universe, as the divine descends into matter, it seems subject to time and appears to go through an evolutionary process. We may not understand this process but we can glimpse it within our self and become a conscious participant in it.

When we choose any of the six Equilibrium bottles with an olive fraction, our conscious selfhood is in a critical stage of metamorphosis - such a state as exists between ice and water when solidity is hesitantly slipping into the unknown of liquidity. We are shaken to the core and seek to explain, to formulate, to escape; we find every possible way to keep on the go - while the one thing necessary is simply to be still and silently to tolerate the pressure of evolution, the inevitability of the metamorphosis.

Olive is made up of primary yellow and secondary green: it creates the bridge between the yellow of the solar plexus and the emerald green of the heart. Within the yellow we celebrate our separateness; the green reminds us of our heart-connectedness with our earth.

Tolerance allows us to connect our yellow and our green. Tolerance is not the absence of intolerance. Etymologically tolerance means endurance, fortitude, to bear. To bear what? The burden of the necessity to change and grow. To be tolerant is to bear the responsibility of a persistent quest for broader knowledge (yellow), less constricted feelings (green) and fine-tuned behaviour. It means to stand up in readiness (yellow) with an open heart (green) when we are summoned to grow by becoming ever more inclusive.

Bottle 91

Bottle 91, Feminine Leadership of the Heart, olive green/olive green 'can help us come into the right relationship with the unknown.' The Aura-Soma Sourcebook, Mike booth with Carol McKnight

Bottle 102

On our growth-filled path, which requires personal reorientation, it is so easy to lose our self in the tribulations at hand and we lose sight of the purpose the crisis could reveal. The feminine within each of us instinctively knows that we are all interconnected, that each one of us is continually going through the beneficial evolutionary sequence of overwhelm, temporary chaos and reorganisation of life at a different level. The deep olive of bottle 102, Archangel Samael, deep olive/deep magenta 'offers a guiding light of hope toward the future'. The Aura-Soma Sourcebook, Mike Booth and Carol McKnight

Bottle 101

We find our way back to the garden of the heart, towards an opening of a new level of our being (the keynote for Bottle 101, Archangel Jophiel, pale blue/pale olive) through tolerance, compassion and charity: tolerance is more of the mind, compassion more of the heart, charity more in the realm of action. All three are manifestations of the same deep root - the willingness to grow by continually experiencing and assimilating more numerous and various aspects of truth, of love and of receptive action.

written by Marelna Du Plessis