ASIACT Astrology - August 2008

Heading underline

Role play

There is a danger of living for the time and forgetting timelessness

Vicky Wall

Bottle 70

Yellow in Aura-Soma refers to the light of the unconditioned and the eternal that shines in each human being. No wonder Bottle 70, yellow/clear is called Vision of Splendour and its affirmation: ‘I open myself to joy and I see the light beginning to shine within me.’

In most cases our function, which we were born into, determines who we are in the eyes of others – and probably in our own eyes as well. Our assigned function became a role but we were not conscious that it was only a role: it was who we thought we were. Defining our self through thought is limiting our self.

When we define our self conceptually or in terms of our conditioned environment, we become progressively confused as our true feelings surface and we begin to suspect – most of the time when we least expect it – that there is much more to our story that we were led to believe (or that we led our self to believe!).

Bottle 4

Perhaps we can cease looking to a thought for an identity? The moment we let go of the belief that we should know who we are, our confusion evaporates. If we could fully accept that we don’t know....peace and clarity descend. The affirmation for Bottle 4, The Sunlight bottle, yellow/gold echoes ‘I am safe and happy and know that I know nothing.’

There are thirteen bottles with yellow as one of the fractions and any of these bottles could assist us to become aware enough to detect the subtle changes in our behaviour when interacting with other people. How easily we slip into our ingrained social roles as we interact with the chairman, the janitor, the waiter, the child. The more we identify with our respective roles, the more inauthentic our communication: true spontaneity, light heartedness and joy are lost.

We all have a role to play, a function to fulfil. What matters is whether we identify with our pre-established roles to such an extent that it takes over and we become lost. The moment we become conscious of the fact that we are playing a role, that recognition creates a space between who we truly are and our role. It is the beginning of freedom from our role.

Bottle 7

Finding this space is the beginning of the progress of soul evolvement: Bottle 7, The Final Test of Faith, yellow/green pictures ‘the seeking of the soul for its right place, represented by the green, within which to use the knowledge, depicted by the yellow.’ Aura-Soma Self-Discovery Through Colour, Vicky Wall. This colour combination encourages us to recognise that we have no limits and to let go of those we have set for our self.

Yellow confirms the possibility that joy and a lightness of being can exist in each moment.

The joy of Being is the joy of being conscious

Eckhart Tolle

written by Marelna Du Plessis