ASIACT Astrology - July 2008

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The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering

Ben Okri

Within the first cell resides the genetic lineage of the mother, the genetic lineage of the father and the consciousness that we were before we entered into incarnation. We chose our physical heritage to bestow on us the perfect set of circumstances we needed to challenge us to become ever more conscious of the unnameable beauty residing at the core of our existence - our inner gold.

Gold is a tertiary colour made up of primary yellow (consciousness of self) and secondary orange (dedication to becoming whole) carrying some of the messages of both. There are fourteen bottles with gold as a fraction to support us to dig for the golden wholeness within each of us.

In the tradition of alchemy, the darkening or blackening process is the starting point for true spiritual transformation: suffering and healing arise from the same profound roots in the soul. As we develop a relationship with our wounds, we also distil some of our essence.

To transform lead into gold, we need to accept the light and the dark, the yang and the yin, the mountain and the vale.

There are fourteen bottles with gold as one of the fractions that could support us to actualise our potential by finding a balance between evolving into the light with a willingness to descend into the dark abyss. To say 'yes' to life is to let go and face the world without props.

Each bottle with gold as a fraction could help us to accept that when we experience failure, have our hearts shattered or knocked off our pedestals, we are actually invited to be fully human - to live a sensuous and embodied life. Instead of being lifted above the human condition, we are driven deep into our belly and our humanness. Here we find the wisdom to face and befriend our irrational fear.

Bottle 14

Bottle 14, Wisdom in the New Aeon, clear/gold, is able to provide the wisdom that everything fades and changes and so suffering (clear) is an integral facet of existence; our ability to radically accept this means we can love the world fiercely and meet the challenges of life with enthusiasm.

John Keats wrote: 'Do you not see how necessary a World of pain and troubles is to school an Intelligence and make it a Soul?' Our pain seems unavoidable, yet our wound is also the source of our healing and transformation.

Bottle 90

Bottle 90, Wisdom Rescue, gold/deep magenta assists us to make sense of our initiatory experiences so that we are able to apply our wisdom to daily life. There is an unexpected grace of healing at the very moment when we reach the quick of the wound, the most painful place: somewhere in the soul, suffering merges into ecstasy, the joy of becoming ever more whole.

Gold teaches that there is no promise of paradise and plants us firmly in the present from where we are able to live our life in tune with the rhythms of body, soil and sea.

written by Marelna Du Plessis