ASIACT Astrology - June 2008

Heading underline

Time travel

Be like the river that flows
silent through the night,
not fearing the darkness and
reflecting any stars high in the sky

And if the sky is filled with clouds,
the clouds are water like the river, so
without remorse, reflect them too
in your own tranquil depths

Manuel Bandeira

The physical world always makes sure that we cannot fool our self for long about who we think we are by showing us what truly matters to us. How we react to our challenges, is the best indicator of how well we know our self. We choose to incarnate into a situation optimum to becoming conscious, awakening to who we truly are.

The joy (yellow) of awakening (red) is bliss (orange).

What we react to invariably resonates with a certain kind of pain suffered in the past – or in the far distant past. When we suffer trauma we drop into a vortex which freezes us in time; every time a situation resembles the original traumatic experience, we are catapulted out of the present moment into another pain-filled time – we are beside our self.

Our task is to discover who we truly are: to become aware that what we see and experience at that moment is not in the event or situation but within us. And that we have created the painful situation so that we may go beyond the pain of physicality to connect with the timeless essence within.

Bottle 26

Equilibrium Bottle 26, Etheric Rescue or Humpty Dumpty, orange/orange could support us to understand and melt those frozen moments so that we are able to enter the mainstream of life again. As we create more wholeness for our self, we move back into the flow and are able to give of our self. Outflow determines inflow.

We are able to accept that what we thought the world was withholding, we had within us all along; unless we allow it to flow from us, we won’t even know that it was ours to give. The source of abundance is within us and as we lovingly integrate our discrepancies and heal our time line, we find a new balance and peace within our self (keynote for Bottle 26).

Bottle 72

Bottle 72, blue/orange, The Clown (Pagliacci), supports us to lighten up, to connect with others, to speak what has been unspeakable. By exchanging ideas with others we are able to transcend the intellectual constructs we put in place to sustain our world as we knew it.

Bottle 79

At an archetypal level Bottle 79, The Ostrich Bottle, orange/violet symbolises the return journey of the Magician. The orange in the top fraction indicates a level of conscious understanding that allows us to relate at a level deeper than thought and emotion. In the stillness we know the oneness of our self and others. It messages the true caring of detachment, of non-interference and non-doing.

Bottle 82

Bottle 82, Calypso, green/orange teaches that as we dance the fire we are transformed and transported to a space where we are able to reconnect with being in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.

Believing is seeing.

written by Marelna Du Plessis