ASIACT Astrology - May 2008

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Child's Play

Man is most nearly himself when he achieves the seriousness of a child at play


Being here is a wonderful gift, yet life can also be incredibly painful and unpredictably so. The Age of Aquarius offers us a healing model that is relevant to our time: it involves the use of consciousness as a healing modality.

On the colour rose, coral appears between the primary red (awakening) and the secondary orange (insight), carrying the messages of both - consciousness made man.

Living coral has its structure on the outside and a soft core on the inside; human beings are the other way round. 'The concept of coral has to do with the inside out and outside in.' The Aura-Soma Sourcebook, Mike Booth with Carol McKnight

Coral then could support us during the outward and the return journey: be it the ally or mentor that helps us to recognise the divine within us or the helper who is there during our dark threshold struggle to return to the ordinary world with the message of change and hope.

There are five bottles with coral as one or both of the fractions. Any of these bottles could help us to become willing to let go of our suffering through the application of consciousness - to help us to wise up to the fact that what appears as a restriction to the personality is an opportunity for the soul.

Bottle 92Bottle 93

Bottle 92, Gretel, coral/olive and Bottle 93, Hansel, coral/turquoise are the only two bottles that came in as a pair. Hansel and Gretel reflect the lost love of their parents worn down by the rigor of their life. The two children need to work in harmony to escape the witch's clutches, symbolising the thinking mind and its sweet temptations.

Gretel rescues Hansel and a new balance between male and female is born: he honours his intuition and is able to communicate from the feeling side of his being (turquoise) and she accepts her leadership abilities (olive). They are liberated: united and conscious of their interdependence they return home.

By living through the vicissitudes of life, we may choose to let go of our gender conditioning, create a new balance between our inner male and female and birth into a new state of consciousness.

Bottle 98Bottle 20

Bottle 98, Archangel Sandalphon or Margaret's Bottle, lilac/pale coral, is the return journey of Bottle 20, The Star Child, blue/pink. At the start of the journey, the male (blue) and female (pink) are separate. In Bottle 98, the male and female energies have united (blue and pink shake up as lilac) and able to view the whole of existence from the single eye beyond the duality of male/female.

As we reconcile our inner polarities, we are able to see ourselves beyond the reflection of self and Love Wisdom is born.

The inner child within ourselves becomes the angel that we are

Keynote for Bottle 98

written by Marelna Du Plessis