ASIACT Astrology - February 2008

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Violet is a secondary colour made up of primary blue and primary red. When we bring consciousness (light) into our earthly life (red), we make space for the love within (pink); peace (blue) and faith (pale blue) arises and the illusion of separateness falls away. We become concerned with the ideals and aspirations that characterise humanity as a whole.

Violet is the colour that appears in more bottles than any other colour in the Aura-Soma range and any of the twenty-three bottles with violet could support us to constantly expand the meaning of life and with it our sense of values so that we become increasingly inclusive and ever more aware of the whole.

The growth and value of meaning requires the gradual (and should we resist, not so gradual) transformation of all the structures that we believe hold us in place. Those forms which hold our original search for significance focussed within set patterns of thought, feeling and behaviour have to slip away.

Bottle 106

On 22 October 2007, Bottle 106, Archangel Ratziel, pale misty olive/pale misty violet was born. Ratziel is a master alchemist; he is able to transmute conditioned patterns through inner alchemy towards pure gold. The misty olive in the upper fraction indicates growing consciousness about the set thought patterns that in the past created the bitterness, while the misty violet in the lower fraction supports transmuting it toward a greater understanding of how our process may be part of a greater whole. The mistiness may remind us that not everything needs to be crystal clear: a soft focus takes in everything.

When the bitterness dissipates, we are open to the downpour of creative spirit and we, hopefully, reach a maturity so that we are able to release this power in service to the Whole: we don the Violet Robe.

Bottle 16

Equilibrium Bottle 16, violet/violet is called The Violet Robe: 'wearing the Violet Robe represents a new level of spirituality, suggesting that the previous form of spiritual existence has fallen away and a new being has come about.' Mike Booth with Carol McKnight, The Aura-Soma Sourcebook. The keynote for this bottle: Awakening to our true self and service. A complete re-valuation.

To be of service to the Whole is to be our true self. Some will serve by being strongly involved in achieving, building and bringing about change. Some will generate consciousness through the activities of daily life, through interaction with others and merely being: by being supremely present in everything they do.

In this way the seemingly insignificant is endowed with profound meaning.

They also serve who only stand and wait

John Milton

written by Marelna Du Plessis