ASIACT Astrology - December 2008

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Song Sung Blue

There is one spectacle grander than the sea,
That is the sky;
There is one spectacle grander than the sky,
That is the interior of the soul

Victor Hugo

By becoming conscious we are fulfilling our destiny. Consciousness is timeless, eternal. When consciousness becomes part of the manifested universe, it becomes subject to time, to duality - and evolves. It is through us humans that consciousness is able to become part of form. It is through us humans becoming more conscious that consciousness evolves – when we surrender and apply our own intelligence in service of the Universal Intelligence.

Bottle 2

The Aura-Soma system has been shown to correspond with other ancient systems, such as the Kabbalah, the tarot and the I Ching. Bottle 2, Peace Bottle, blue/blue relates to the High Priestess in the Tarot and belongs on the middle pillar on the Tree of Life on the path called The Uniting Intelligence.

This path spans the throat chakra (the blue chakra), which on the Tree of Life is called Daath, the abyss and the doorway to other dimensions. This path bridges the divide between head and heart. The message is that when we make choices that draw equally on the desires of the heart and the wisdom of the mind, we align our personal will with Divine Will.

In all of life’s interactions – and especially in our communication with our self - we must make choices, and choices direct our spirit into action. Connecting the head and the heart, developing the strength to make choices that reflect who we are, liberating our voice and our spirit is perhaps the most difficult stage in our process of spiritual maturation. Rest assured, life will be done through each of us, there is no other way.

Essentially the archetype of the High Priestess teaches: Let the clouds of emotion pass and do not disturb the Centre for behold I am with you always. I am the breath of life breathed through you.

Through breath, by in breathing peace, by out breathing peace, we still the mind, light expands and the blue becomes pale blue. Through breath we come into the world, colour comes to the world is as blue light.

Bottle 50

Through breath we become more peaceful and clarity emerges; now we are able to lose our sense of identification with the patterns of the past. We can truly say: Thy will, not my will – keywords for Bottle 50, El Morya, pale blue/pale blue.

Once we can get out of the way to allow the communication to come through us (rather than from self), the realisation dawns that the more peace we have in our conscious mind, the more the light within reveals itself.

Bottle 60

Be still and know. (Bottle 60, Lao Tsu and Kwan Yin, blue/clear)

written by Marelna Du Plessis