ASIACT Astrology - October 2008

Heading underline

Conscious suffering

Suffering is the footstool of divinity

Dane Rudhyar

Life is cyclic. Everything that lives begins, reaches a climax and ends – only to begin again. Our human experience is essentially cyclic and unfolds according to structural principles: generative, operative and destructive – blue, yellow, red – the story of our life, the story of the eons, and the story of galaxies. The moment we understand and accept the cycle of the physicality we have been born into, clarity dawns: our karma, what we came to experience, is not a burden but the way to healing.

Clear in Aura-Soma represents the full spectrum of consciousness: consciousness that has become conscious of itself. This process of enlightenment embraces suffering and understanding suffering. Any of the seventeen bottles with clear as either fraction offers the key to realising the detachment, clarity and peace to see karma in a new perspective.

The goals we envision more often than not conflict with the ultimate and eradicable purpose of human evolution and therefore when change occurs in a way we could not have foreseen, we experience pain. Tragedy becomes meaningful only when we give it the meaning of self-discovery – when we spiritually weigh or ‘stand under’ the cross of suffering, when we suffer consciously.

Bottle 55

Bottle 55, The Christ, clear/red portrays light in relation to the earth and our world of form (red): the man on the cross is an archetypal image. He is every man and every woman. Suffering drives us deeper than our identification with the external form of things.

As long as we resist suffering, we prolong the process as the resistance creates more suffering. When we accept suffering there is an acceleration of the process brought about by the fact that we suffer consciously. We need to say yes to suffering to transcend it.

Bottle 73

Bottle 73, Chang Tsu reminds us to lighten up: ‘Happy is the man that can laugh at himself’. Our suffering is the custodian of our undiscovered treasures: we suffer only when we move away from the fullness of our potential. Suffering is the shadow of our unlived life, the pressure of our unactualised potentiality, reminding us that we are more than we know our self to be.

Conscious suffering is necessary to get to know the light form of our self a bit better – the mounting we need to frame and define clearly the colours of the powerful being that resides within.

written by Marelna Du Plessis