ASIACT Astrology - July 2007

Heading underline

Inner spaciousness

The gold is about stepping out of the relationship with survival and stepping into the golden moment
Mike Booth

Deep joy arises through having the wisdom to be at one with what happens: when we are able to let go of the judgement of how life ought to be. The moment we recognise that everything is cyclical we have to accept the impermanence of it all. Once you realise that each situation is fleeting, your attachment lessens and you are able to enjoy your pleasures and your passions while they last - with less fear of loss and anxiety about the future.

This is the wisdom encapsulated in the gold: when you no longer identify with your status, your achievements, your money, or whatever, you are freed from your imprisonment in form. What arises is a subtle, deep peace: an awareness of inner space.

Bottle 14

Using any of the fourteen bottles in Aura-Soma that have gold as a fraction could support us to go beyond the interminable chatter of our mind and find the spaces between our thoughts, the space where joy lives. The keynote for Bottle 14, Wisdom in the New Aeon, clear/gold: Getting in touch with wisdom so that clarity may unfold.

Gold is a tertiary colour made up of primary yellow (mind and individual will) and secondary orange (the insight and persistence to find bliss) carrying some of the messages of both: dedicating our self to understanding the transience of all forms, we touch the eternal space within – our inner gold.

Bottle 40

Inner space consciousness is who you are in your essence. Bottle 40, The ‘I Am’ Bottle, red/gold, could support us to touch our inner space, the unconditioned consciousness from where the true joy of Being emanates. The red in the top fraction helps us to ground, to sense the I Am directly – to become conscious of consciousness as our true self.

Another way to move naturally from outer form to inner formlessness is to become aware of our breath. Feeling the air moving in and out of the body creates space, generates consciousness and takes our attention away from thinking. Breathing into our belly, our golden area, brings us into our body and into the present moment – our body is always present.

Bottle 90

By consciously being present in the golden area of our body, we enliven the ancient wisdom that lies within us. The deep magenta in the base of Bottle 90, The Wisdom Rescue, gold/deep magenta suggests tapping into our eternal source of wisdom. We are re-minded that knowledge we acquire, wisdom we have.

En-lightenment implies that we are able to lighten the leaden load that is the burden of form. Become your own alchemist.

written by Marelna Du Plessis