ASIACT Astrology - May 2007

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Let there be spaces in your togetherness
Kahlil Gibran

To find happiness we have to accept responsibility for our inner state. We need to be alert and to cultivate awareness of thoughts that appear to explain unhappiness - but actually cause it. Our innate wisdom permits in-sight into our negative states. The moment we distinguish between thinking and awareness, when we recognise thoughts and reactions for what they are, we have become the witness. Our sense of self shifts: we are a presence.

Bottle 87
To be able to see ourselves beyond the reflection of self. The wisdom of love.
The keynote for Bottle 87, Love Wisdom, pale coral/pale coral.

Coral is a tertiary colour combining primary red (awakening) and secondary orange (insight and bliss). There are five bottles with coral as one of the fractions to support the awakening of our witness: ‘a witnessing not from a detached point of view but an active involvement. To develop awakening and awareness of the witness requires full participation, and this coral offers us.’ Mike Booth with Carol McKnight, The Aura-Soma Sourcebook.

By moving from thinking to awareness we become able to recognise the impersonal nature of emotions and negative thoughts: we permit an intelligence far greater than any of us could imagine to operate. Being the observer enables us to recognise that they are just human emotions and human thoughts; compassion for our own humanness is then easily extended to others.

Bottle 105

We live in a world of illusion where we all seem separate. No man is an island: should we remove the sea we would find one land. Bottle 105, Archangel Azreal, iridescent coral/coral is the latest addition to the bottles. Using the substance in this bottle could help us ground the potential of coral – cooperation, community and universality.

Unity, union and oneness are all truths of higher consciousness; this is why connection and setting aside the illusion of separation is the healing of the world. Using Bottle 105 will support us to go beyond separation, to touch unity and be receptive to the feminine.

Bottle 92Bottle 93

Bottle 92, Gretel, coral/olive and Bottle 93, Hansel, coral/turquoise were the only two bottles that came into being as a pair. Heartfelt feminine leadership is an important part of this story as Gretel trusts her intuition and saves the day by pushing the witch (representing the feminine of the past) into the fire. In her love for Hansel, the emerging feminine (Gretel) finds the courage to grow past her fears and to take the initiative. Hansel mainly bears witness to this process. Their collaboration is testament to transcending dependent and unfulfilling relationships. Coral heralds a time in which we are able to go beyond the duality of self to find cooperation between the inner male and inner female.

By living interdependence we live from our centre. We naturally offer the gifts of who we are and receive the gifts of who others are. Letting go of the dark stories we recognise the love wisdom that allows us to have our boundaries where we can say no when it is true to say no and yes when it is true to say yes.

And there is an even deeper interconnectedness of everything in existence, that place where existence and Being meet. It is the Source. When we consciously align with the whole we become part of all interconnectedness and its purpose and we frequently experience spontaneous helpful occurrences. We then share in the underlying intelligence behind our physical world.

written by Marelna Du Plessis