ASIACT Astrology - November 2007

Heading underline


Like the leaves in renewal
The cycle of growth
The unfolding of Spirit
Into a whole Truth

Stephanie Stevenson

Aura-Soma, Self-Discovery through Color, Vicky Wall

Whenever we participate in any kind of mutual relationship we make change, transformation and progression possible. As we interact with others a mystery is set into dynamic operation: something creative, something new comes into form.

Once we relate intimately to another, once we experience mutuality in relationship new energies and new facts emerge. Our responsibility is to become responsive and inspired to assimilate the new into our present map of reality – to become co-creators.

Turquoise is a tertiary colour made up of primary blue and secondary green. As green is a combination of blue and yellow, it follows that turquoise is in actual fact blue (communication) with a touch of yellow (consciousness of self). Any one of the thirteen bottles with turquoise as one of the fractions can serve as the key to becoming more conscious of how the communication of our authentic self aligns us, in complete harmony, with our true program.

Bottle 43

Responsibility is the ability to respond from the feeling side of our being, to not re-enact an old movie. The challenge is to call upon our witness so that we are able to create in terms of our past experience and the insight the new experience has provided us with. Bottle 43, Creativity, turquoise/turquoise teaches that ‘A secret to a fulfilled life is to value creativity expressed in simple things and in great things equally.’ The Aura-Soma Sourcebook, Mike Booth with Carol McKnight.

Bottle 62

The intense pale turquoise/pale turquoise of bottle 62, Maha Cochan (meaning Greater Teacher) supports us to creatively interact with others, to bring about a fresh view of their problems and needs and to formulate creative, win-win solutions that arise from the sea of universal consciousness - ‘the creative energy expresses itself with a quality that is at once more delicate and more intense.’ The Aura-Soma Sourcebook, Mike Booth with Carol McKnight.

Bottle 83

Bottle 83, Open Sesame, turquoise/gold reiterates that ‘wisdom (gold) communicated through the feeling side of the being connects with the many rather than the few’. Equilibrium Resource Cards.

Bottle 33

The more we connect with others, the more creative we become, the more we align with our true program allowing a deep inner peace to emerge. We naturally accept responsibility for creating our own reality and are able to lighten up and become more playful; playfulness is an inspired state through which we bring humour and flow into any situation. Bottle 33, Dolphin Bottle/Peace with a Purpose, royal blue/ turquoise brings ‘Clarity and playfulness. Spontaneity and joy. A communication from the heart clearly expressed.’ Keynote.

Playfulness, inspiration and spontaneity are all forms of leadership. Creation is substantiated in renewal, not in sameness: in courage and adventure, not in conservative action.

written by Marelna Du Plessis