ASIACT Astrology - October 2007

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Ease is the fragrance of a love so harmonious that the participants share one another wholly, in feelings and deeds. Ease is the fragrance of happiness
Dane Rudhyar

Birth is isolation: all great things begin in isolation (red) but they mature only through mutuality (green). Selfhood is singleness whereas love is the ease of co-operative sharing: the polarity that sparks human evolution.

In an Aura- Soma sense this process is reflected in the red-green continuum. Green is a secondary colour made up of the primaries blue and yellow. A lesser known fact is that light in the appropriate density shone through blue and yellow also creates red and we know that red and green are opposites on the colour rose. It seems that all the colours on the colour rose revolve around the red-green axis.

Mutuality, an inclusiveness of others, the realisation that the whole is more than the sum total of the parts, creates ease. Ease is an inner harmony arising from self relating to a person, an object or a situation just as a dancer is related to the floor. It is the absence of the ghosts of yesterday and the total identification with an inclusive tomorrow.

Bottle 27Bottle 28

Any of the eighteen bottles with a green fraction could support us to find an inner ease. Bottle 27, Robin Hood, red/green and Bottle 28, Maid Marion, green/red are especially helpful with easing the challenges of co-operation and constant interchange.

Bottle 13

The word ‘mutual’ comes from the Latin muto, which means ‘I change’. In the realm of relatedness there is constant change because there is mutuality. Bottle 13, Change in the New Aeon, clear/green implies that the emotional side of life needs to be illumined for change to occur. The lesson of mutuality is to balance action and reaction in responsible productivity, to open our heart to share each other’s gifts and each other’s burdens so that the flow of energy is from the one to the all and from the all to the one.

Bottle 10

The affirmation for Bottle 10, Go Hug a Tree, green/green is ‘I create space so that I may do what needs to be done’. Space is not a bottomless urn, space is mutuality: everything we fling into space returns with a whole world attached to it – no-one can escape the return tide. As we sow so shall we reap. Some may call this karma, to the wise it is love.

Bottle 88

At an archetypal level the return journey of Bottle 10 is the last bottle in the range with a green fraction, Bottle 88, The Jade Emperor, green/blue. Conscious mutuality and the ease it brings becomes joyous and creative participation in the process of life – we overcome unconscious fate through the magic of love.

written by Marelna Du Plessis